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Applied for a fall 2021 kindergarten seat back in January? Then…

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COME ON DOWN… to MySchools, that is.

Earlier this month, the NYC Department of Education sent offer letters to City families who participated in the 2021 Kindergarten Admissions process by the deadline on January 22, 2021. If you applied to NYC kindergarten programs on your child’s behalf by the deadline, you can now visit MySchools to see your offer, or check out the physical offer letter that we have also mailed to you.

In addition to your child’s kindergarten offer, you may see a list of schools where your child has been waitlisted—note that your child is automatically waitlisted for any programs that you listed higher on your application than the program whose offer you have. If your child gets an offer to your first-choice program, they will not be automatically placed on any waitlists.

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What’s Next?

So now that you’ve reviewed your child’s offer, it’s GO time. Be sure to accept this offer by April 30 to secure your child’s seat at this school. You can accept the offer online through MySchools, or you can contact your offering school directly.

We encourage everyone to accept their offers, even if you are hoping to receive an offer from another program’s waitlist or from a Gifted and Talented program. Accepting this offer will not affect your chances of receiving or accepting another offer later. Note that if you do not accept your child’s offer by the April 30 deadline, you will give it up.

Once you accept your offer, the school will work with you to register your child for fall 2021. Get a head start on gathering everything you will need to provide the school by checking out our Registration Checklist.

To learn more about this year’s kindergarten offers, visit our Kindergarten webpage. Have questions about your application? Email us at, or call us at (718) 935-2009.

On behalf of the DOE, we wish all of our incoming kindergarten families a smooth registration process!

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