Two young Hispanic women dressed in traditional costume for Hispanic Heritage parade
DOE Celebrations

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

September 15–October 15 is National Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month. Be a part of this month's festivities with our handy list of suggested books, websites, and events for people of all ages!
CSD Eliana Bourdier Sitting at Outdoor Chess Table with Book

We Are DOE: Eliana Bourdier, Community School Director

As part of our ongoing "We Are DOE" series, we spoke with Eliana Bourdier, a third-year Community School Director at I.S. 230 in Queens.
Larbi Malajati standing in front of school bulletin board

We Are DOE: Larbi Malajati, School Food Supervisor

As part of our ongoing "We Are DOE" series, we spoke with Larbi Malajati, a 15-year veteran of the NYC Department of Education's Office of Food and Nutrition Services.
Adult sitting with child inside a classroom's carpeted play area.

Making School Feel a Little More Like “Home”

Despite having an unusually large share of students living in temporary housing, P.S. 15 in Manhattan has proven that building trust with students and their families can lead to transformational improvements both inside and outside the classroom.

NYC Department of Education, 2019