Remote learning student looking at their laptop and seeing their teacher giving them a thumbs up over videochat
Big Apple Awards

Last Days for Your 2021 Big Apple Award Nominations

Have a favorite NYC public school teacher and school counselor? Time is running out to submit your nominees for the City's ninth annual Big Apple Awards! The nomination process ends on Sunday, January 10, 2021, so submit your nominations TODAY!
Three images showing the artistic process of the student work, "The Winds are Blowing"
DOE Celebrations

Turning a Class Assignment into a Work of Art

New York City public schools are home to some of the most talented young visual artists in the country. As our #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC series continues, we're highlighting a student's exceptional artwork that was shared with us this fall.
Two folded cards, one with the year, "2021" printed on it, and the other with a January 2021 calendar, both embossed in gold lettering.
DOE Calendars

The Month Ahead (January 2021)

See what's ahead for NYC public schools in January 2021. Highlights include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the deadline for kindergarten applications, and the start of the City's middle and high school application processes.
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DOE Celebrations

Have a Beautiful Holiday Season

Chancellor Richard Carranza and the NYC Department of Education wish all of our students, families, staff members, and community partners a warm and wonderful Winter Break (December 24–January 4)!
DOE ConnectedFeatured

When “Mr. Cuddles” Becomes Your Classmate

As any pre-k teacher or parent could tell you, it can be pretty tough keeping a young child's attention for more than a couple of minutes. For this week's edition of #DOEconnected, learn how one pre-k teacher (and 2020 Big Apple Award winner) uses the power of ventriloquy to keep her students engaged for remote learning!
July 24, 2020
DOE ConnectedFeatured

Finding the ‘Glue’ that Binds a REC Together

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, NYC's Regional Enrichment Centers have provided the children of the City's essential employees with safe, stable, and joyous learning spaces for a wide range of learning activities. As our #DOEconnected series continues, we speak with a REC site director regarding his efforts to create supportive learning environments that bolster student's social-emotional experiences.
June 22, 2020
DOE ConnectedFeatured

Creating Safe Spaces, Remote-Learning Style

As our City continues to push forward through unprecedented challenges, New York's school leaders are being tested like never before. As our #DOEconnected series continues, we head to the Bronx to speak with a principal who is working tirelessly to maintain a "community" on behalf of her students and staff members.
June 10, 2020

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