We Are DOE

Our “We Are DOE” series highlights some of the everyday heroes of NYC’s public schools. Featuring a cross-section of the DOE’s 140,000+ employees across the five boroughs, We Are DOE showcases some of the many unsung heroes who help keep the largest school system in the country running daily.

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We are DOE: Francine Marsaggi, Dual-Language Principal

“Research shows that when students acquire two languages, they’re exercising their brain to perform and learn better,” says Francine Marsaggi, principal of P.S. 163 Flushing Heights, a Queens dual-language elementary school where most students spend half their class time learning in English and the other half in Mandarin. “When I first came here five years ago, parents had pushed the school to focus mainly on English instead of Mandarin starting in third grade because they thought that would lead to better scores on State tests. But by moving to a true dual-language, 50-50 approach throughout all grades, we have actually…
January 9, 2020

NYC Department of Education, 2019