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NYC students; are you ready for the jobs of tomorrow?

Throughout February, NYC public schools across the five boroughs celebrated Career Exploration Month, our schools’ annual celebration of the incredible opportunities that are potentially available to City public school students after high school. All month long, schools across the City held events, workshops, and other activities to inform and excite their students about many of the outstanding employment and educational options that may be open to them in the months and years to come.

We are thrilled that many City students have started thinking seriously about their long-term interests and goals, and we’re grateful to our community partners for supporting our schools throughout Career Exploration Month!

Fortunately, career exploration isn’t limited to just one month—right now, City families can encourage their students to start thinking about college and careers. And don’t let their ages fool you; it’s never too early to start talking with your children about the future and their interests!

Below, we’ve collected a list of webinars that were broadcast online and recorded last month for City high school students—check them out if you’d like to learn more about particular industries and career paths, including finance, media, and public service. Each listed webinar features slides with links to articles and videos of virtual panels made up of current professionals who talk about their careers, educational experiences, keys to success, and hard-won lessons within their respective industries.

High school student using a table saw in a shop class

NYC’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide City public school students with key experiences and skills that prepare them for success in work and in life after high school.

Career Exploration Resources for High School Students

Google Classroom credentials may be required—if so, please use your account information to access these resources.

Having issues with Google Classroom? You may also view each webinar’s associated Career Panel by checking out our CTE and Career Exploration Month list on YouTube.


Not in high school yet? Check out our “College and Career Planning” and our “Exploring Future Careers” for tips and suggestions for elementary and middle school students and their families.

On behalf of the DOE, we once again thank our community partners for supporting Career Exploration Month, and we wish all of our students success as they discover their career interests in the weeks and months ahead!

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