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It’s been real, Summer Recess.

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On September 7, Summer Recess is going to be like:

With September 2022 in our sights, it’s just about time for New York City families to once again wave goodbye to the summer season and get ready for the start of the 2022–23 school year on Thursday, September 8!

Over the past few weeks, City educators, custodians, and other DOE staff members have been hard at work getting NYC public schools across the five boroughs ready for the first day of school. Thanks to updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the widespread availability of vaccines for everyone six months of age or older, we’ve been able to make some changes to our COVID-19 guidance for City schools, staff members, students, and families this year in ways that better support in-school instruction and activities while also helping prevent the transmission of COVID-19. It is our hope that with these changes, NYC public schools will be able to maintain safe and healthy learning environments while also being responsive to our students’ academic and social needs.

Beyond the first day of school, September has a few key dates for City public school families to keep in mind, including this month’s Parent-Teacher Conferences, the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and the observance of Rosh Hashanah near the end of the month.

For info about these dates and more, let’s take a look below at The Month Ahead for NYC public schools, courtesy of our official NYC Public Schools Calendar:

NYC Schools Calendar — September 2022

Monday, September 5
Labor Day

All NYC schools and DOE offices are closed.

Tues., Sept. 6—Wed., Sept. 7
Chancellor's Conference Days for Staff Development

DOE staff members with school-based titles, including classroom teachers, bilingual teachers in school and community relations, guidance counselors, school secretaries, and social workers, will all report for regular work days.Employees should consult their applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Thursday, September 8
First Day of the 2022–23 School Year

For all NYC public school students in grades 3-K through 12.

Thursday, September 15
Parent-Teacher Conferences (Elementary Schools)

Evening conferences for families of students in K–5, K–8, and Pre-K programs.

Thursday, September 15
National Hispanic Heritage Month Begins

Runs through Saturday, October 15.

Friday, September 16
High school and middle school waitlists close

After this date, students will no longer be able to add themselves to waitlists, and schools will no longer be able to extend offers from their waitlists.

Thursday, September 22
Parent-Teacher Conferences (Middle Schools & D75)

Evening conferences for families of students in grades 6–8 as well as students in District 75 programs.

Mon., Sept. 26—Tues., Sept. 27
Rosh Hashanah

All NYC public schools are closed.

Thursday, September 29
Parent-Teacher Conferences (High Schools)

Evening conferences for families of students in K–12, 6–12, and 9–12 programs.

Some notes about this month’s schedule:

Updated COVID-19 Guidelines for Fall 2022

As indicated above, the NYC Department of Education has made changes to its COVID-19 guidance for NYC public schools for the 2022–23 school year. While vaccination requirements will still be in place for all DOE employees, individuals who work in DOE buildings, visitors entering school buildings, and for students participating in high-risk extracurricular activities, other practices are being adjusted this year.

For details, check out our official “Health and Safety in Our Schools” page.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Beginning September 15, City public schools will begin hosting this year’s first round of Parent-Teacher Conferences. These short meetings between families and teachers provide opportunities to discuss a child’s experiences and learning expectations for the school year.

September’s parent-teacher conferences will be held on September 15, 22, and 29 between 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Schools will send more information about these conferences to families after the school year begins.

Enrollment Waitlists

Interested in placing your child in any of our 3-K, Pre-K, kindergarten, middle school, or high school programs? Missed last school year’s admissions application periods?

You can still add yourself to programs’ waitlists through MySchools! Waitlist offers are made based on seat availability until waitlists close. If a school can make you a waitlist offer, they will contact you directly.

Note that our middle and high school waitlists will close on September 16—after this date, students who are new to NYC or are seeking a transfer can seek support from a Family Welcome Center.


And that’s all for this month! On behalf of NYC Public Schools, we hope you all have a smooth start to the 2022–2023 school year!

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