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We’ve just about made it to the halfway point of the 2021–22 school year!

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Now that February’s here, it’s time for us to look towards the second half of the 2021–22 school year and begin preparing ourselves for success in the weeks and months to come. And considering the real possibility that we may have an early spring this year (thanks, Staten Island Chuck!), things may be beginning to look up for all of us!

This month’s main event on our official school calendar is Midwinter Recess (2/21–2/25)—all City public will be closed during this period, so if you haven’t already, mark it on your calendar! In addition, February is prime time for completing our middle and high school applications—if you or your student are planning to participate in this year’s middle and high school admissions processes, use this month to research and select your preferred schools, and then submit your application before the March 1, 2022 deadline.

And of course, throughout February, NYC public schools are celebrating both Black History Month and Career Exploration Monthsubscribe to The Morning Bell, as well as our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds to see what we’re up to for these monthlong events!

So without further ado, here’s a look at what’s happening in NYC public schools throughout the rest of February 2022, courtesy of our official 2021–22 NYC Public Schools Calendar.

NYC Schools Calendar — February 2022

All Month Long
Black History Month
All Month Long
Career Exploration Month
Wednesday, February 9

3-K and Pre-K Admissions Opens to Applicants

NYC children born in 2019 and 2018 are eligible for 3-K and Pre-K, respectively

Friday, February 11
Last Day to Complete the NYC Speaks/NYC Youth Speaks Survey
Mon., Feb. 14—Fri., Feb. 18
Respect for All Week
Mon., Feb. 21—Fri., Feb. 25

Midwinter Recess

All schools are closed. DOE offices will be closed on Monday, February 21.

Some notes about this month’s schedule:

Black History Month

Throughout February, the NYC Department of Education will highlight books, events, movies, and other resources in support of Black History Month. Join us as we commemorate Black History Month throughout February right here on The Morning Bell as well as on our social media channels (TwitterFacebook, and Instagram), and our main website.

Career Exploration Month

This month, the DOE is celebrating Career Exploration Month—a citywide effort to help City students identify career interests and gain an understanding of the postsecondary pathways, including college and technical education programs, that will help them achieve academic and professional success.

And to help ring in the month, the DOE has just launched its Postsecondary Planning tool via the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). Through this new tool, students and their families will have access to a digital checklist to keep track of discussions they are having regarding their college or career path options after graduating high school. The tool also provides users with additional information and lessons about their college and career path options.

For more about Career Exploration Month, follow us on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) and here on The Morning Bell.

3-K and Pre-K Admissions

Families with children born in 2018 and 2019 can begin applying for New York City’s Pre-K and 3-K programs, respectively. To learn more about Pre-K admissions, visit our official Pre-K webpage. Likewise, visit our official 3-K admissions webpage to learn more about this year’s 3-K application process.

Middle School Admissions

New York City’s middle school application is now open! Learn more about this year’s middle school admissions process, explore your school options on MySchools, select up 12 of your favorite schools, and then submit your application by the deadline on Tuesday, March 1, 2022!

High School Admissions

New York City’s application for City high schools is now open! Learn more about this year’s admissions process, explore the City’s high school options on MySchools, determine whether your school selections require an assessment or audition materials, select up to 12 of your favorite schools, and then submit your application by Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

Respect for All Week

From February 14–18, City public schools are celebrating Respect for All (RFA) Week, the DOE’s annual, weeklong call to action for City schools to build, promote, and maintain safe and inclusionary school communities and environments on behalf of all students, staff, and community members.

Learn more about RFA Week by checking out our official RFA page.


And that’s all for the second month of 2022! As always, for the latest happenings in City public schools, subscribe to us here at The Morning Bell, or follow us on our social channels on Twitter and Facebook!

On behalf of the DOE, we wish all City families a great February—stay warm!

Banner photo by Engin Akyurt. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels.

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