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New year, new school options for NYC students.

Every school year, NYC Public Schools seek to provide all students across the five boroughs with outstanding learning opportunities and great high-quality program options in every neighborhood. This year is no different, as thanks to community feedback, ongoing academic need, and student demand, we are opening five new schools, and we are debuting our new learning pathway for high school students!

The five new schools will service districts in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island beginning September 8, and together, they will grow to eventually serve students from 3-K through grade 12. Meanwhile, our new learning pathway, A School Without Walls, will serve ninth grade students at first before eventually growing to serve grades 9–12 in the school years to come.

Learn more about our five new schools as well as our A School Without Walls program option below!


NYC Public Schools Opening in Fall 2022

P.S. 958 (K958)

Brooklyn, District 15
Serves: 3K, Pre-K, and Kindergarten
Principal: Emily Shapiro

Informed by Universal Design principles, P.S. 958’s flexible, inclusive, and dynamic learning environments help encourage all of its young learners to engage with what they are learning inside the classroom, regardless of their academic needs. Currently serving three, four, and five year olds, the school is working with various professionals, including speech and occupational therapists, artists, and counselors to help build classrooms that welcome all children to participate and learn while taking their individual developmental needs, strengths, and interests into full consideration.

M.S. 419 (Q419)

Queens, District 24
Serves: Grade 6
Principal: Soledad Montanes

Located 15-20 minutes away from Flushing Meadows Corona Park, M.S./I.S. 419 seeks to prepare its students to become college and career-ready with a culturally-responsive curriculum that is rooted in civics, environmental studies, STEM, computer science, financial literacy, and the arts.

New High School (Q417) [name not finalized]

Queens, District 30
Serves: Grade 9
Principal: CherylAnn Gill

Q417, previously known as “Gotham Tech,” is a STEM-focused program that was founded in close collaboration with NYC FIRST. The school’s core components will be robotics instruction and design, advisory programming, and capstone projects.

The Waverly Academy of Empowered Learners (R084)

Staten Island, District 31
Serves: Kindergarten
Principal: Kamorudeen Olayokun, Jr.

Staten Island’s newest elementary school will be an NYC Outward Bound School program, which focuses on challenging and supporting students to do their best work through the use of adventure, joy, and personal challenges as catalysts for personal growth, community connection, and social change. These schools also ground their academic content in real-world issues and concerns, while also providing students with opportunities for leadership and individual initiative.

The Young Women’s Leadership School of Staten Island (R085)

Staten Island, District 31
Serves: Grade 6
Principal: Aisha Shepard

New York City’s newest Young Women’s Leadership Academy is now open on Staten Island. Established to help nurture the intellectual curiosity and creativity of young women while addressing their developmental needs, TYWLS-SI will provide its students with a dynamic and participatory learning environment that places an emphasis on science, mathematics, and technology.

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A School Without Walls—A New Pathway for NYC High School Students

Beginning this school year, the NYC Department of Education is offering a new learning option for City high school students called A School Without Walls. Featuring two program choices, a hybrid program that provides both in-person and remote instruction, as well as a fully-remote virtual option, A School Without Walls is an educational pathway that provides students with the opportunity to create their own classes and participate in interdisciplinary projects, real-world learning, and community-facing action for subjects that they truly care about deeply.

Learn more about A School Without Walls by checking out our official program page and watching the video below!

Interested in the Hybrid Program for Fall 2022?

If you’re a ninth grader who is interested in applying for A School Without Walls’ Hybrid program, there is still time to apply!

Email Hybrid program staff members at before September 16 and let them know about your interest! If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted directly.

Note that students participating in the Hybrid program will attend school in person for a half-day schedule at 131 Livingston Street in Brooklyn, and then participate remotely with both live (synchronous) and on-demand (asynchronous) learning.

Also, please note that Virtual program slots are no longer available for fall 2022.


We are excited for each of these brand new school communities and program options! On behalf of the NYC Department of Education, we wish our newest school communities tremendous success this year and beyond!

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