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NYC families: it’s time to meet with your children’s teachers.

Beginning Thursday, September 15, City public schools across the five boroughs will host this year’s first round of virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Parent-teacher conferences are short meetings that provide families with great opportunities to talk with teachers about what their children are experiencing and learning in school. These meetings also give parents and teachers the chance to discuss how to support student learning outside of the classroom.

All of the parent-teacher conferences scheduled for the 2022–2023 school year will be conducted remotely—if desired, meetings may occur in-person upon request during a mutually agreeable date and time.

A man and a woman looking at a laptop screen together; the man is taking notes, while the woman is leaning over his shoulder from behind and looking on.

Parent-teacher conferences provide families with the opportunity to learn about their children’s progress in school. including details about their class assignments and overall participation during lessons. (Photo by Ketut Subiyanto. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels)

September 2022’s Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule

The City’s standard parent-teacher conference dates are listed below. Details, including dates and times, can vary depending on school and grade level—speak with your child’s teachers or your school’s front office to confirm your school’s official conference dates and times.

Teachers will work with you to schedule conferences during times that are mutually convenient for both of you to attend. If a teacher is unable to schedule a phone or virtual conference with you during your school’s standard conference date, that teacher will work with you to schedule another time to connect.

Elementary Schools (Grades K–5 and K–8) and Pre-K Centers

    • Thursday, September 15 — Conferences begin at 4:30 p.m.

Middle Schools (Grades 6–8) and all District 75 Schools

    • Thursday, September 22 — Conferences begin at 4:30 p.m.

High Schools (Grades 9–12, as well as K–12 and 6–12 Schools)

    • Thursday, September 29 — Conferences begin at 4:30 p.m.
Teacher pointing to a whiteboard behind him while remote teaching on a laptop

Great conferences between teachers, parents and students can lead to improved student outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. Ask your child’s teachers for any advice that they may have to support your child’s learning at home. (Photo by Vanessa Garcia. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels)

Tips for September’s Parent-Teacher Conferences

Talk to your child in advance

Speak with your child beforehand about their classroom experiences this year. Ask them how they feel about school, and determine if there is anything they would want you to discuss with their teacher(s). Also, ask your child what their favorite and least favorite subjects are, and see if there’s something that they would like you to tell their teachers about them.

If your child is an older student, you may want to see if they are interested in attending the virtual conference with you. Student-led conferences can be a productive and empowering way for students take active roles in shaping their own learning experiences.

Make Sure Your Contact Info is Correct on Your NYC Schools Account.

Through your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA), you can track your child’s educational progress at any time from your computer, phone, or tablet. Make sure your NYCSA account is active and up-to-date with your latest contact information, including home/cell/work numbers and current home address.

All families should have the information they need to best support their child’s learning. Interpretation services are available at parent-teacher conferences if you are not comfortable communicating in English. Please reach out to your school’s principal or parent coordinator for more information, or call the DOE at (718) 935-2013. You may also email us at to request assistance.

We hope this round of conferences helps students open up the 2022–23 school year on a positive note. For more info and tips, check out our Parent-Teacher Conference webpage.

On behalf of the DOE, we wish our students, teachers, and families a great first round of parent-teacher conferences!

Banner photo by Vanessa Garcia. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels.

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