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Can you believe we’re already halfway through June?

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That moment you realize that “thing” you had three weeks to do is now due TODAY.

This month, New York City families who submitted applications for NYC high schools and 3-K programs for fall 2022 admissions received their children’s program offers.

We’re happy to report that more students than ever received offers to their top choice schools and programs—we congratulate all of our participating students for making it to this major milestone in your educational journey!

Now before you all go riding off into the summer—take note of the following admissions-related deadlines approaching this month:

Interested NYC families with children entering kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, or grade 3 in fall 2022 are welcome and encouraged to apply for the City’s G&T programs. Results, including any offers, will be available in late July 2022.

You can submit your child’s G&T application online via MySchools or through a Family Welcome Center. To learn more about applying for G&T, including eligibility information, please visit our “Gifted & Talented (G&T)” webpage.

If your letter includes more than one program offer, make sure to accept your offer of choice through MySchools or through your current school by Friday, June 24.

Received one offer? Then you’re all set—your offer has been automatically accepted, so there’s nothing else you need to do.

Interested in being considered for offers to other schools? You can add yourself/your child to other programs’ waitlists via MySchools until September 16, 2022. If a school can make you a waitlist offer, they will call and email you directly, and you would have one week to choose between that offer and your current offer.

For more information about high school admissions, including upcoming admissions events, visit our “High School” webpage.

Visit your MySchools account to view your child’s offer, learn about available waitlists (if applicable), and ultimately accept your child’s offer. We encourage all families to accept their 3-K offers—even if you are hoping to get selected off a waitlist. Accepting an offer now secures your child’s 3-K seat for the fall, and it won’t affect your child’s chances of getting a waitlist offer to another program later.


And that’s all for our mid-June admissions update! On behalf of the NYC Department of Education, we wish all of you a wonderful remainder of the school year, and an enjoyable summer!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels.

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