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It’s time to meet NYC’s newest cohort of superintendents.

After months of interviews and community conversations, Chancellor David Banks recently announced the 45 new and returning district superintendents who are overseeing and supporting City public school districts across the five boroughs as of July 1, 2022. Each of the newly-appointed district superintendents is, much like the students they serve, representative of a diverse cross-section of experiences in public schools, and all are committed to putting students and families at the core of our City’s schools. All 45 superintendents are current or former City public school educators who in their prior roles were principals, deputy superintendents, and current superintendents, among others.

“We promised our students bold action, and each of these leaders is prepared to step into this newly reimagined role of superintendent to deliver on that promise. For families and community partners, each of these leaders understands that they will be held accountable for partnering with you to meet the needs of your community and improve the school experience of our students,” said Chancellor David Banks during an introductory event held late last month.

Mayor Adams at podium giving a speech while 45 DOE superintendents behind him look on.

Photo by Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

Every superintendent who was selected had to undergo an open hiring process led by the Deputy Chancellor of School Leadership, Dr. Desmond K. Blackburn, that allowed current superintendents to apply alongside both new internal and external candidates. And for the first time ever, this year’s hiring process included community town halls where families heard from finalists, asked questions, and provided feedback. Following the town halls, Community Education Councils (CECs), Presidents’ Councils, and union representatives from the United Federation of Teachers, the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, and District Council 37 all participated in the C-37 superintendent selection process mandated by our Chancellor’s Regulations. Together, this feedback from City parents, union partners, and community members, helped inform Chancellor Banks’ final hiring decisions while weighing each school district’s particular needs.

Superintendents will be responsible for making sure that each school in their district is welcome and responsive to all members of their communities. For families, that means superintendents are responsible for ensuring that their students are fully supported — whether that means, for example, that communications go home in families’ home languages, school busing issues are addressed, and services for students with disabilities and multilingual learners are in place as needed. Superintendents also cultivate relationships with community leaders, including parent groups, councils, elected officials, local businesses, and community organizations to help establish the full support of their entire districts for their local public schools.

Throughout the remainder of the summer, every superintendent will engage in a “Listening and Learning Tour” in their districts to connect with students, parents, school leaders, educators, and local community members and listen to their recommendations for improving schools. Additionally, superintendents will build out their school support teams and guide the creation of District Comprehensive Education Plans. Their primary goal entering the fall season is ensuring every school is prepared and supported for a strong start to the 2022–23 school year.

The role of a superintendent comes with a tremendous responsibility to our students and families, form improving student outcomes to providing support where families need it most. I am thrilled to work alongside this class of incredible leaders as we engage with our communities, build out our plans for the upcoming school year, and most importantly—transform what it means to be a superintendent."

Desmond K. BlackburnDeputy Chancellor for School Leadership

We’re anticipating great things out of this year’s cohort of district superintendents! To learn more about each of our district leaders, visit our “District Leadership” page for bios, contact information, and more!

On behalf of the DOE, we congratulate this year’s superintendents, and wish them great success in the weeks and months to come!


NYC Superintendents for 2022–23 School Year


Portrait of Carry Chan

District 1

Carry Chan

Portrait of Kelly McGuire, superintendent of District 2

District 2

Kelly McGuire

Portrait of Kamar Samuels, District 3 superintendent

District 3

Kamar Samuels

Portrait of District 4 Superintendent, Kristy De La Cruz

District 4

Kristy De La Cruz

Portrait of Sean Davenport, superintendent of District 5

District 5

Sean Davenport

Portrait of Manuel Ramirez, superintendent of District 6

District 6

Manuel Ramirez

Portait of Gary Beidleman, superintendent of Manhattan high schools (Districts 1–6)

High Schools
(Districts 1–6)

Gary Beidleman (acting)

The Bronx

Portrait of Roberto Padilla, district 7 superintendent

District 7

Roberto Padilla

Portrait of Jennifer Joynt, superintendent of District 8

District 8

Jennifer Joynt

Portrait of Harry Sherman, superintendent of District 9

District 9

Harry Sherman

Portrait of District 10 Superintendent, Maribel Torres-Hulla

District 10

Maribel Torres-Hulla

Portrait of District 11 superintendent, Cristine Vaughan

District 11

Cristine Vaughan

Portrait of District 12 Superintendent, Jacqueline Rosado

District 12

Jacqueline Rosado

Portrait of Bronx H.S. Supeintendent (Districts 7, 9, 12)

High Schools
(Districts 7, 9, 12)

Renee Peart

Portrait of Bronx H.S. Superintendent (Districts 8, 10–11), Fia Davis

High Schools
(Districts 8, 10, 11)

Fia Davis


Portrait of District 13 superintendent, Robin Davson

District 13

Robin Davson (acting)

Portrait of District 14 superintendent, David Cintron

District 14

David Cintron (acting)

Portrait of Rafael Alvarez, superintendent of district 15

District 15

Rafael Alvarez

Portrait of Brendan Mims, superintendent of District 16

District 16

Brendan Mims

Portrait of District 17 Superintendent, Shenean Lindsay

District 17

Shenean Lindsay

Portrait of District 18 superintendent, Celeste Douglas

District 18

Celeste Douglas

Portrait of District 19 Superintendent, Tamra Collins

District 19

Tamra Collins

Portrait of David Pretto, superintendent of District 20

District 20

David Pretto

Portrait of District 21 superintendent, Isabel DiMola

District 21

Isabel DiMola

Portrait of District 22 superintendent, Julia Bove

District 22

Julia Bove

Portrait of District 23 superintendent, Khalek Kirkland

District 23

Khalek Kirkland

Portrait of District 32 Superintendent, Rebecca Lozada

District 32

Rebecca Lozada

Portrait of Brooklyn H.S. Superintendent (Districts 13–16, 19, 23, and 32), Janice Ross

High Schools
(Districts 13–16, 19, 23, 32)

Janice Ross

Portrait of Michael Prayor, Brooklyn H.S. Superintendent (Districts 17–18, 20–22)

High Schools
(Districts 17–18, 20–22)

Michael Prayor


Portrait of Madelene Chan, superintendent of District 24

District 24

Madelene Chan

Portrait of District 25 Superintendent, Danielle DiMango

District 25

Danielle DiMango

Portrait of District 26 Superintendent, Danielle Giunta

District 26

Danielle Giunta

Portrait of District 27 Superintendent, David Norment

District 27

David Norment

Portrait of District 28 Superintendent, Tammy Pate

District 28

Tammy Pate

Portrait of District 29 superintendent, Crystal Bonds

District 29

Crystal Bonds

Portrait of District 30 superintendent, Philip Composto

District 30

Philip Composto

Portrait of Queens H.S. Superintendent (Districts 24–26, 30), Hoa Tu

High Schools
(Districts 24–26, 30)

Hoa Tu

Portrait of Queens H.S. Superintendent (Districts 27–29), Josephine Van-Ess

High Schools
(Districts 27–29)

Josephine Van-Ess

Staten Island

Selfie by Superintendent Marion Wilson of District 31

District 31

Marion Wilson


Portrait of District 75 Superintendent, Ketler Louissaint

District 75 Programs

Ketler Louissaint

Portrait of District 79 Superintendent, Glenda Esperance

District 79

Glenda Esperance (acting)

Portrait of Alan Cheng, high school superintendent of consortium, international, and Outward Bound schools

H.S. Superintendent for Consortium, International,
and Outward Bound Programs

Alan Cheng

Portrait of Fred Walsh, high school superintendent of CUNY and Urban Assembly programs

H.S. Superintendent for CUNY and Urban
Assembly Programs

Fred Walsh

Portrait of Richard Cintron, H.S. superintendent of New Visions programs

H.S. Superintendent for
New Visions Programs

Richard Cintron

Portrait of John Sullivan, high school superintendent of Transfer School programs

H.S. Superintendent for
Transfer Schools

John Sullivan

Close up of a pin that reads, "Proud NYC Superintendent"

Photo by Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

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