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Throughout March, New York City’s cultural institutions, schools, agencies, and community organizations have been celebrating Women’s History Month in commemoration of the “herstorical” and societal accomplishments made by women across the United States and around the world. From age-appropriate booklists for children, to wonderful digital and in-person exhibitions through local institutions, families have access to an incredible range of events, activities, and exhibitions available online that honor the spirit of Women’s History Month all month long.

Yet, considering the range of stories available, including the many that have yet to be told, it is clear that the teaching of women’s history should not be confined to a single month. Indeed, as historian Gerda Lerner once wrote, “Women’s history is women’s right—an essential, indispensable heritage from which we can raw pride, comfort, courage, and long-range vision.” Understanding the context and significance of women’s stories and accomplishments, as well as the long history of women’s activism and the fight for universal rights, is central to the education of all Americans.

It is in this spirit that we present the following list of online resources and exhibitions that you’ll be able to check out throughout the remainder of this month and beyond—we invite you to explore each of these resources to learn more about women’s history and the long struggle for gender equity.

GIF of Women's History Month

Women’s History Resources and Exhibitions

National Women’s History Museum’s Virtual Collection

National Women’s History Museum
Available online

Explore biographies, articles, and exhibitions regarding women making history directly through the National Women’s History Museum’s website. From articles about the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps, to online exhibitions about Inventive Women, one can spend an entire afternoon learning about the trailblazing women, past and present, featured on this page.

Women’s History Month Page

U.S. Library of Congress
Available online

Hosted by the U.S. Library of Congress, this website contains a trove of primary sources, online exhibitions, virtual event listings, audio and video files, historical photos, and more. Use this site to start your research on any women’s history-related topics or events.

Because of Her Story

The Smithsonian
Available online

As the Smithsonian continues to research, develop, and curate its collection for what will eventually become the future Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum, the institution’s American Women’s History Initiative seeks to research, collect, document, display, and share the compelling story of women in the United States. This digital-first collection allows users to explore stories and artifacts from women who have shaped America as we know it through their work, creativity, and resolve; read about the latest scholarship in women’s history, and consider participating in online events that tell women’s stories and honor their achievements in art, history, science, business, and culture.

The 2022 Women’s History Month Toolkit

National Women’s History Museum
Available online (PDF download)

This toolkit created by the National Women’s History Museum is a downloadable calendar for March 2022 that contains links to recommended biographies, prerecorded events, and other content in celebration of Women’s History Month. While some of the links in this calendar are for live events scheduled throughout March 2022, the majority of these links can be accessed year-round.

Women seen adjusting the assembly of a cowling for a B-25 bomber.

The U.S. Library of Congress’ Women’s History Month Page has a wide range of documents, online exhibitions, photos and videos, and more that anyone can access all year long. (Photo by Alfred T. Palmer. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found at the Library of Congress.)

Women and the American Story (WAMS)

New-York Historical Society
Available online

This free curriculum website for K–12 classrooms provides users with great educational resources that help to illuminate women’s contributions throughout American history. You can explore 10 major historical time periods—which are divided into units—and gain access to lessons, learning materials, and essential questions that will help provide you with better understanding of the time period and people you’re researching.

Note that this resource is intended for us by teachers and other educators, but it can still be of great use to older students who need access to learning materials and resources related to women’s history.

NYC DOE’s Women’s History Month Booklist

The Morning Bell
Available online

In celebration of Women’s History month, we put together an outstanding list of books for students of all ages that highlight women’s experiences, perspectives, and contributions. These books can be read aloud to our younger readers, assigned to students for classwork, or enjoyed for personal reading at any point throughout the year. You’ll find a mix of both fiction and nonfiction works on this list that are reflective of a wide range of perspectives, cultures, and settings—check these titles out at your convenience, and feel free to share our list with your friends and colleagues!

‘The Feminism is for Everybody’ Collection

Citywide Digital Library on Sora
Available online

This collection of over 65 ebooks and 15 audiobooks is available free to New York City public school students via the Citywide Digital Library on Sora. Featuring a range of titles concerning contemporary and consequential topics on feminism and women’s history, some of the titles in this collection are also featured in our 2022 WHM Booklist here on TMB—log into Sora to get started today!

Stories of Women in Color in STEM

Smithsonian Science Education Center
Available online (PDF download)

Featuring the biographies of trailblazing women who made history though their scientific discoveries and innovation, “Stories of Women of Color in STEM” helps to champion the untold stories of women’s contributions to science. This ebook includes stories of women who have defied gender and racial stereotypes while overcoming structural barriers to advance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, including Nobel Prize winner, Tu Youyou, and mathematician, Gladys West.

‘First But Not Last — Women Who Ran for President’ Virtual Exhibition

National Women’s History Museum
Available online

This online exhibition highlights women who took on the challenge of running for President of the United States. Featuring archival photos, videos, audio recordings and commentary, the exhibition provides a great overview of the women who have sought the presidency and equal representation in government as far back as the mid-1800s.

Cover for the book, "Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines"

Have you checked out our Women’s History Month booklist for students of all ages? You might just find your new favorite book!

Unladylike: The Changemakers

Available online

This multimedia series features video interviews of extraordinary American heroines from the 20th Century speaking about their work, vision, and goals for their communities and themselves. Among the figures interviewed include J’Nai Bridges, Deb Haaland, and Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Revolutionary Women!

Available online

Through this collection of nine “TED Talks” videos, you can watch history-making women discuss their lifelong fights for justice and equality. Speakers in this series include Dolores Huerta, Gloria Steinem, Stacey Abrams, and more.

Women’s History Minute

National Women’s History Museum
Available online

Get bite-sized videos about important figures and moments in women’s history courtesy of the National  Women’s History Museum. Featuring brief summaries of important figures like Dorothea Lange, Katherine Johnson, and Maria Mitchell, this video collection serves as a great introduction to women’s history for younger and older viewers alike.

In Their Own Words: Oral Histories

National Women’s History Museum
Available online

Listen to the stories of incredible women in American history in their own words, including civil rights activist, Mrs. Willie Pearl Mackey King, and the real-life “Rosie the Riveter” of World War II.


We hope these resource suggestions will help you and your family gain a better understanding about the countless women who have shaped (and continue to influence) our culture, society, and history. On behalf of the DOE, we wish everyone an enlightening remainder of Women’s History Month—may you continue to share herstory all year long!

Banner photo by RODNAE Productions. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels.

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