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Parents, it’s time to make your voices heard!

From now through Tuesday, May 11, parents or guardians of current New York City public school students can vote in the 2021 Education Council Elections. Held every two years, the 2021 Education Council Elections provide eligible City parents or guardians with the opportunity to help choose representatives of their districts’ Community Education Councils and/or NYC’s four Citywide Education Councils.

And with more New Yorkes eligible to vote in this year’s elections than ever before, now is the perfect time for parents like you to help shape the future of our public schools!

Banner that reads, "Help Shape the Future of Education in New York City" for the 2021 Education Council Elections

Voting in the 2021 Education Council Elections

To vote, you will need to have an NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) that has all of your public school children registered to it. If you do not have an NYC Schools Account, or need assistance registering your child(ren) to your existing account, please contact your school’s parent coordinator or Family Leadership Coordinator for assistance.

Once logged into NYCSA, you can view all your child(ren)’s school information in 10 languages and see which councils you are eligible to vote in—you can vote for as many councils as you are eligible for, and you may select up to three candidates per council. Once you submit your vote, your ballot will be closed, and your selection will be registered. Note that only one NYCSA account can be used to access and vote on a ballot, so if your spouse submits a ballot on your child(ren)’s behalf, you will not be able to vote.

For more information about the 2021 Education Council Elections, visit our Elections 2021 webpage, and check out our handy Voting FAQ page for any further questions.


On behalf of the NYC Department of Education, we thank you for your ongoing partnership and support for the City’s 1.1 million public school students.


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