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Great schoolwork is just “blowing” in.

Ever since we announced the #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC series earlier this year, we’ve been treated to wonderful examples of student school work from City students of all grade levels.

Today, we’re highlighting, “The Winds Are Blowing,” an outstanding work of art created by Jacqueline Pereda, a Grade 11 student at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Queens.

“The Winds Are Blowing”
Jacqueline Pereda, Grade 11
The Young Women’s Leadership School of Queens

Final version of "The Winds Are Blowing" with all colors added

“The assignment given was to create an artwork that best showcased our themes of our sustained investigation for AP 2D Studio Art. (We) had to develop three pieces of art for our chosen theme, and (my chosen theme was) portraits and specifically women and their representations through surreal backgrounds. The piece, “The Winds are Blowing,” is one I spent almost a week working on. It is acrylic on canvas board. I got inspiration from surreal artists like Salvador Dali that we were taught in class.” — Jacqueline

To prepare for the assignment, Jacqueline researched numerous images and watched videos of painters who used acrylic paint. She also learned how to develop skin tones and create various shades while working on this assignment.

While working on her painting, Jacqueline took snapshots of each major stage of her creative process—each picture helps to highlight the various color and style adjustments she made to fulfill her original vision for “The Winds Are Blowing:”

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We thank Jacqueline for sharing her artwork with us—please keep up the great work, and we wish you tremendous success throughout the school year in 2021 and beyond!

Have school work that you’re proud of that you’d like featured for our #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC series? Read more about the series by checking our “It’s Time to #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC” post on The Morning Bell, and use our official #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC Intake Form to submit your school work today!

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