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It’s time to show our appreciation for New York City’s teachers!

From May 3–7, NYC schools will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, the DOE’s annual tribute to the 79,000 educators who help guide the learning and growth of the City’s 1.1 million students every day.

Throughout the week, we’ll be encouraging students, parents, teachers, and other DOE staff members to:

    • Use the DOE’s Thank You Tool to send customized appreciation emails to any NYC public school teachers between now and Friday, May 7;
    • Send simple ‘Thank You’ messages to teachers via email or SMS texts; and
    • Tell the world how you feel about your favorite teachers on social media by using the hashtag, #ThankATeacherNYC!

We are grateful to City teachers for all that they do to guide, motivate, and support New York’s students, especially during these challenging times. Let us all show our teachers just how much we appreciate their work all week long starting on Monday, May 3!

Banner for Teacher Appreciation Week, featuring student holding up a paper sign that reads, 'thank you for being my teacher.'

Use our Thank You Tool to show appreciation for your teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3–7).

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