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Our recovery starts with YOU.

With COVID-19 vaccines available across the five boroughs, New York City is finally on the path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that millions of New Yorkers have been “jabbed” with these safe and free vaccines, New Yorkers can breathe slightly easier and start planning for returns to school, work, and our favorite public places across the City.

But our job’s not finished.

This summer, if you haven’t already, please get yourself and your family vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccination is safe, free, and available citywide, and it’s the single best thing any of us can do to keep each other and our loved ones protected from COVID-19.

To find locations where you can receive your “jab”, check out the NYC Vaccine Finder. In addition, all New Yorkers 12 and up can get vaccinated at select City public school sites across the City through Friday, August 13—check out our COVID-19 Information and Updates page for details.

Get fully vaccinated in time for the first day of school

Want to be completely ready for the first day of the 2021–22 school year on September 13? In order to be considered “fully vaccinated” for Day 1, you would need to receive either of the following vaccines by the listed date:

  • Moderna: First dose by August 2
  • Pfizer: First dose by August 9
  • Johnson & Johnson: Single dose by August 30

Banner that reads, "COVID-19 vaccines are at select schools for New Yorkers age 12 and up"

General Details about Getting Vaccinated in NYC

Here’s what you need to know about getting the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • It’s free.
  • You will not need to provide proof of immigration status or a social security number to get vaccinated. Identification (ID) is only required for proof of age.
  • You do not need health insurance to get vaccinated.
  • For all individuals under 18, a parent or legal guardian must provide consent.
    • Students aged 12–15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (or another adult designated by a parent/guardian) while at the vaccination site.
    • For students ages 16–18, parental consent may be provided over the phone
  • All records and information associated with vaccination are kept strictly confidential.
  • Vaccines are administered by trained medical professionals.
  • On-site telephone interpretation in multiple languages will be available.


On behalf of the NYC Department of Education, we thank all of our families who are answering the call—let’s finish this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic!

Banner photo by Gustavo Fring. Used under Creative Commons license. Original photo can be found on Pexels.

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