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Have you ever wondered how air flow is circulated in New York City’s public school buildings?

As a Deputy Director of Facilities for Brooklyn North, Michael Gonzalez oversees the safety, maintenance, and ventilation practices of dozens of City school buildings across several school districts. In his role, Michael works with custodial teams in school communities to ensure their ongoing compliance with City, State, and federal health, safety, and environmental standards—this work, in turn, helps City schools maintain clean and safe learning environments for all students and staff members throughout the school year.

One of the most important responsibilities Michael has in his role this year is ensuring that schools are well ventilated. To help us understand how City schools maintain great air flow in classrooms and hallways, we asked Michael to give us a breakdown of the various ventilation systems that are currently in place at schools across the City:

See? Our schools are not just “blowing hot air” when it comes to air quality—DOE staff members like Michael help schools stay safe and open for learning during these challenging times by using proven methods and technologies that sustain proper airflow in City schools across all boroughs.

To learn more about the measures we take to maintain safe and healthy environments in City school facilities, check out our official Building Safety page.

On behalf of the DOE, we thank all of our custodial and facility staff members for their ongoing work on behalf of City students and school staff members.

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