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It’s time to meet your children’s teachers, #StayHome-style.

Beginning this Thursday, May 7, NYC public schools will hold this school year’s last round of Parent Teacher Conferences via phone and video conferencing applications.

If you are the parent or guardian of an NYC public school student, these conferences provide you with a great opportunity to connect with your child’s teachers and discuss how your child is adjusting to learning at home during unprecedented times. You can use your conference to focus on any challenges you may have observed, or to discuss any concerns about your child’s progress in school as the 2019–2020 school year starts to come to a close.

Teachers should be contacting you directly to schedule conferences at times that are convenient for both of you to attend. If a teacher is unable to schedule a phone call or virtual conference on an afternoon or evening during the week of your regularly-scheduled* Parent Teacher Conference, the teacher can connect with you on another date in May but prior to May 22, 2020.

*May 2020 Parent Teacher Conference Dates

Thursday, May 7: Elementary Schools and K–8 Schools

Thursday, May 14: Middle Schools

Thursday, May 21: High Schools

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Tips for May’s Parent Teacher Conferences

Talk to your child in advance

Speak with your child beforehand about their classroom experiences this year. Ask them how they think they are doing in school, and ask them if there is anything they would want you to discuss with their teacher(s). Ask your child if they feel supported in school. If your child is an older student, you may want to ask if they are interested in attending the conference with you. Student-led conferences can be a productive and empowering way for students take active roles in shaping their own learning experiences.

Review your child’ test scores and attendance through the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)

It’s important to be up-to-date on your child’s academic progress before you go. This will help you prepare for what you and teacher may talk about during this conference.

Get translation and interpretation services if you need them

All families should have the information they need to best support their child’s learning. Interpretation services are still available at parent teacher conferences over the phone if you are not comfortable communicating in English.

For more information on tips, how you can help guide the conversation and more, check out our Parent Teacher Conference webpage.

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Final Grades and Report Cards

A student’s grades are based on student progress in mastering subjects. Since remote learning has started, educators will consider a student’s entire body of work in each subject area, and a student’s ability to engage in remote learning may not be used as a factor in grade calculations.

The following new grading policy went into effect on April 27 and applies to final grades only:

Grades K–5:

    • Schools will award final grades using a binary: “Meets Standards” and “Needs Improvement.”
    • No failing grades will be given, and this will not factor into their GPA.

Grades 6–8:

    • Schools will award final grades using three values: “Meets Standards,” “Needs Improvement,” and “Course in Progress” for those students where there is not enough information for teachers to assess.

Grades 9–12:

    • Schools will continue with the same grading scales before they had remote learning except for any failing grade that would need to be changed to “Course in Progress.”
    • Students will be given the time they need to complete the course and earn the credit, through January 2021.
    • High school students who successfully complete and earn credit for a course may choose between receiving the grade or being issued “Credit (CR).” This option is only available to students who have passed the course and received a grade.
    • Grades changed to ‘credit’ will not be included in their GPA and will still count towards graduation
    • Students who receive “Course in Progress” will be prioritized for academic supports to get required work completed so that they receive a grade.

Report Cards

    • The easiest way to access your child’s report card will be through the NYC Schools Account (NYSCA). Be sure to sign up for an account if you have’t already.

For more information about the DOE’s new grading policy, please visit our Parent Teacher Conference webpage.

On behalf of the DOE, we hope you have great conferences with your children’s teachers!

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