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During this extraordinary time when New York City’s educators are working closely with students and families from the confines of their homes, we will be publishing a series of posts describing their experiences in their own words. We are now #DOEconnected!

Follow our hashtag, #DOEconnected, join the conversation, and connect online with your neighbors across the City. Share stories of how you, your child, a teacher, or a school community member has become your hero. Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

Indira Mota, principal at I.S. 171 Abraham Lincoln in Cypress Hills

“One big challenge is accessing and maneuvering through the Google Classrooms for families who have never been on them.”

Principal Indira Mota writing on a notepad at her desk

Principal Mota has been working long days to make sure things are running smoothly. She says I.S. 171 has successfully “established a line of communication between families virtually on our website——and on the phone with my office staff (members).”

With strong communication lines to connect with parents, Principal Mota’s solution to the challenge is “creating parent mini-lesson videos on how to tackle problems and posting the videos on my Twitter page, @PrincipalMota, and the I.S. 171 website. One video is already up!

Indira Mota is emblematic of how New York City’s educators are adapting to these unprecedented times on behalf of our students and families. We thank our educators for helping all of us to stay #DOEconnected.

Looking for additional resources to help you navigate Google Classroom? Check out our “Getting Started in Google Classroom” webpage on the DOE’s Learn at Home portal.

Moreover, Google’s YouTube Learning has created a “Learn@Home” landing page for families who are seeking to support their children’s learning at home. This page is filled with resources from a wide range of learning creators, and is updated daily. So whether you’re looking for an educator reading a children’s book aloud, or a video course for AP Spanish, check out YouTube Learning’s Learn@Home page to help supplement your child’s learning today!

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