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It’s time to #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC!

Back in November, we asked students, teachers, and parents to send us examples of outstanding school work completed during the 2020–21 school year, and many of you answered our call and filled out our our official #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC Intake Form!

Today, we’d like to take a moment to highlight and celebrate four of the works we’ve received over the past few weeks—each one serves as a great example of the kinds of engaging work being completed this year by New York City public school students in blended and remote learning settings across the five boroughs. Please join us in celebrating these students’ efforts, and let’s all do our part to help each of them keep up the great work!

Have school work that you’re proud of that you’d like featured for our #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC series? Read more about the series by checking our “It’s Time to #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC” post on The Morning Bell, and use our official #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC Intake Form to submit your school work today!


“Thoughts on Inheritance Over Time”
Janiyha, Grade 9
Life Sciences Secondary High School

“I did this (presentation) called, “Thoughts on Inheritance Over Time,” for my Advanced Genetics class. It includes crazy things people used to think about gene inheritance. I got a 100 on this video, so I just wanted to share it for #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC!” – Janihya


Untitled self-portrait
Aboulrahmane, Grade 6
The Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School

“To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month… students learned about Frida Kahlo. Mimicking the artist’s style, Aboulrahmane carefully included some images of animals and flowers in his portrait.”  — Ms. Seajin Yoon, Aboulrahmane’s teacher, The Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School

A self-portrait created by a student in the style of Frida Kahlo


Exploring the Five Senses — Smell
Natasha, Pre-K
Mosaic Pre-K

“During our ‘five senses’ unit of study, one of the senses we explored was the sense of smell. The schoolwork they were assigned for this sense was to go on a ‘smell hunt’ at home and show us things that smell good or bad.” — Ms. Tien Francisco, Natasha’s teacher at Mosaic Pre-K


Showing Off Gross Motor Skills
Tahira, Pre-K
Mosaic Pre-K

“The original assignment for two gross motor activities were balancing on one foot on one day, and then hopping on two feet for the next. The intention for these assignments (is) to show growth in children’s physical development.” — Ms. Tien Francisco, Tahira’s Pre-K teacher, Mosaic Pre-K


That’s all for now! Check out our official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for future installments of the #ShowYourSchoolworkNYC series, and as always, make sure you subscribe to The Morning Bell for the latest news, features, tips, and announcements from NYC public schools!

Photo Credit for Banner Image: “Two Test Tubes” by Martin Lopez. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels.

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