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With great weather comes great responsibility…

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“…Hmm…not bad…”

Now that summer is here, we’re sure many of you have already taken a few moments to bask in the sun and settle down for a smidge of much-needed rest and relaxation, especially considering the many challenges we’ve all faced over the past few months.

As all of us at the NYC Department of Education continue to prepare for what will certainly be another unusual school year beginning this fall, we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of keeping students engaged with learning all summer long. Summer learning loss is real, and given the challenges ahead of us, we know that students will be best positioned for success next fall if they continue learning and reading throughout the summer.

So it is in this spirit that we’ve compiled the following list of programs, resources, and activities available to City students and/or their families all summer long. Many of these listings will lead to fun and challenging experiences for you and your family—check them out, and let us know your favorites in the comments section below!

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Summer School 2020

In continued adherence with federal, State, and City health guidelines, we are providing summer school via remote instruction this season from Thursday, July 2 — Friday, August 14, 2020.

Summer school is currently in session for:

  • Students in grades 3–8 who:
    • did not get promoted in June 2020, and are required to attend summer school
    • promoted in June, but have been recommended by their teacher(s) for additional academic support in ELA and/or math
  • Students in grades 9–12 who receive a grade of “Course in Progress,” or who need to retake a course they have failed in a prior term.

Students who are mandated to attend summer school, but have not registered to a school for the season, should email the summer school remote learning site they plan to attend. For more information, visit the DOE’s Summer School 2020 webpage.

Summer Reading

One of the best ways for kids to keep their minds active and their creative juices flowing is through reading. We are thrilled to offer our K–12 students free access to hundreds of eBooks and audiobooks through the eBook reader, Sora. To log into Sora, students should use their DOE Student Account username and password. Visit our Summer Reading webpage to learn more about Sora.

Also, the New York City School Library System has curated a special collection of K–12 fiction and non-fiction eBooks for City public school students. Visit the Library System’s website to view the complete collection. To access the eBooks, please email from an official DOE email address to receive a username and password.

DOE’s Summer Enrichment Challenges and Activities page

Ever wanted to take a virtual trip to upstate New York to learn more about New York City’s water supply? Or how would you like to learn about the difference between “hip-hop” and “rap,” as told directly by the founding fathers of hip-hop?

We’re inviting all NYC students to check out our new Summer Enrichment Challenges and Activities page—all you need is your DOE Student Account to join in on the fun.

In addition to links to more than 100 free virtual field trips (by using your DOE account log-in and password) for students in grades K–12, you can also find information regarding upcoming citywide challenges that the DOE is hosting from July 13 through August 17. And it doesn’t even matter which borough you’re from or what grade you’re in—YOU can join in on the fun and maybe even win a prize! Check the DOE Enrichment page again on July 13 for challenge updates and details.

Two children using cooking utensils in a kitchen

The Morning Bell’s #StayHome series features great activity suggestions for children of all ages. Check out our past entries for great family-friendly exercises! (Photo, “cooking together,” by Yoshiyasu NISHIKAWA. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Flickr.)

College Bridge for All

It has been quite an epic year for the Class of 2020, and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them for making it through a year that has been unlike any other. As NYC’s newest high school graduates take off their virtual graduation caps and begin to take their next steps, the DOE will continue to support them along the way.

From now through September, every high school graduate has access to individualized coaching through College Bridge for All, which provides Coaches to support high school graduates as they transition out of high school. College Bridge for All, which is a partnership between the DOE and the City University of New York, helps students whether they are transitioning to college, a career training program, a vocational program, service, or employment.

If you are a graduating high school senior, (or know someone who is), we encourage you to fill out the online Senior Contact Info Form, and visit the College Bridge for All webpage to learn more.

The Morning Bell’s #StayHome Series

Since the start of the DOE’s citywide distance learning model in March, we’ve been putting out some great guides of our own right here on The Morning Bell to help families make the most of their time while we all #StayHome. From listings of internship opportunities to suggestions of fun family activities like making slime and touring virtual forests, our #StayHome series is full of great and engaging family-friendly activities that will help you make the most of summer in this era of social distancing. Check out our past entries, and stay tuned for more right here on TMB!

Let’s Learn NYC! on THIRTEEN

New York City’s educational public television program is BACK. Airing weekdays on THIRTEEN beginning on July 13 at its new timeslot at 12:00 p.m.–1 p.m. (EST), “Let’s Learn NYC!” provides students in grades 3-K through second with a television programming focused on foundational reading skills, literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science, along with added supports for students with disabilities and multilingual learners.

The show, which is produced by WNET/THIRTEEN and the DOE, will run through August 28. For more information and past episodes, check out the “Let’s Learn NYC!” webpage.

Maria Begg-Roberson and her daughter, Mia

Each episode of “Let’s Learn NYC!” includes a “story time,” which helps students connect the stories they are hearing with important facets and moments in their lives.

DOE’s Learn at Home page

Still have questions about remote learning before we head into the fall? Need to review a feature on Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams? Looking for suggestions to help create a productive, safe, and healthy learning environments at home?

The DOE’s Learn at Home page is a great resource for families seeking general information about the DOE’s distance learning model, including grading policies and student services, as well as links to technical support resources for DOE-issued iPads and digital learning tools like Google Classroom, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. In addition, there are also supports for students who require special education services as well as for students who are multilingual learners.

For resources like these and more, head over to the DOE’s Learn at Home page.

Other DOE Resources Available This Summer

Free Meals — Any New Yorker can get free meals at any of the more than 400 Meals Hubs available across the City. Meals can be picked up at all Meal Hubs from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and no one will be turned away at any time. No identification or registration required. Learn more at the DOE’s Free Meals webpage.

Need to enroll in a Regional Enrichment Center? — Are you a first responder, health care provider, transit worker, or other essential employee who needs to have your children cared for while you serve the City during this time of need? Eligible essential workers can apply to have their children enrolled into one of our Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs). To learn more, visit the DOE’s REC page.

We hope this helps you and your family make the most out of the next couple of months. On behalf of the DOE, we wish all of our students a wonderful, yet intellectually-stimulating summer!

(Credit for banner image: Natalie from Pexels. Used under Creative Commons license. Original can be found on Pexels.)

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