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It’s time to sharpen those #2 pencils.

On Wednesday, March 4, New York City’s public high schools will be participating in the DOE’s fourth annual SAT School Day.

SAT School Day provides City high school students with the opportunity to take either the SAT or the PSAT 10 inside their own schools during a regular school day, free of charge.

The exams, which are used by a variety of postsecondary programs, including many of the country’s four-year colleges and universities, to evaluate the eligibility of applicants help rank the admissions applications they receive from high school seniors every year, test students’ reading, writing, and math skills. While both exams provide test-takers with access to college and career planning tools, the PSAT 10 specifically helps sophomores prepare for the SAT.

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SAT School Day helps remove a number of barriers to SAT participation for students; now, students can simply concentrate on preparing for the exam instead of worrying about test registrations, fee waivers, traveling to unfamiliar locations, weekend schedules, and other concerns.

All NYC high schools will be administering the SAT to their juniors on March 4. Families do not need to register to ensure their students’ participation during SAT School Day. In addition, most City high schools will be administering the PSAT 10 to their sophomores on March 4, as well, but some schools may have chosen another date for the PSAT—sophomores and families who wish to learn more about their high school’s PSAT 10 testing should check with their counselor or high school parent coordinator for details.

If a student is eligible for testing accommodations, families will need to sign off on these accommodations—for more information regarding your child’s circumstances, please speak with your child’s school counselor.

Please note that participating in SAT School Day will not affect students’ ability to register (and pay) for other administrations of the SAT.

For more information about SAT School Day, including questions about scoring and testing accommodations, visit our SAT School Day webpage. We also recommend that students check out College Board and Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice webpage; this page contains online practice exams and links to online resources that students can use to improve their testing scores.

We wish all of our juniors and sophomores plenty of success on SAT School Day!

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