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Did you know we have great learning resources for students available on our website?

The NYC Department of Education’s Learn at Home page provides grade-specific supplementary learning resources to students who, for various reasons, may need to stay home from school. While these materials certainly do not replace the level and quality of instruction taking place inside City classrooms, they can help students stay on track with their reading, writing, math, science, and social studies lessons when circumstances prevent them from attending school.

In addition to materials for students in early childhood programs as well as students in grades K–12, the Learn at Home page includes:

  • Suggested daily study schedules;
  • Guides and materials for instructional activities;
  • Recommended educational television shows; and
  • Links to various books, magazines, and websites across a range of topics that appeal to children of all ages.

For more information, check out our Learn at Home page on our website, and contact your children’s teachers to learn other ways you can help support learning at home!

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