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Editor’s Note: The deadline to submit applications for the 2019–2020 middle school admissions process has been extended to Friday, December 6, 2019


Middle school (grades 6–8) can be a big change for elementary school students.

Students in these grades travel independently from class to class, for example, and may even have a locker of their own for the first time. They may take up new extracurricular activities and make new friends as they explore their growing independence and identities. And of course there are all the great new things that they’ll learn as they build the skills and knowledge that prepare them for high school and beyond.

For current City fifth-graders (and current sixth grade students in K–6 schools), this important journey starts with the 2019–2020 NYC middle school admissions process.

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You can learn more about each of NYC’s middle schools by using the MySchools Middle School Directory online or by picking up a copy of the 2020 NYC Middle School Admissions Guide at your local Family Welcome Center.

We’ve heard the concerns of our students and families, so starting this year, New York City’s middle school admissions process is easier and shorter than ever.

  • Students are now automatically added to the waitlist of any program they listed higher on their application than the one for which they received an offer.
  • When middle school offers arrive in the spring, students will also receive a list of programs where they’ve been waitlisted. Learn more on our Middle School Waitlists page.

Here’s how to get started with this year’s middle school application process:

  • Review our updated NYC Middle Schools Admissions Guide to learn more about the City’s middle school admissions process, including eligibility and admissions priorities;
  • Sign up for the DOE’s middle school admissions email list;
  • Create an account at MySchools to access and complete the middle school application online. Students may apply to up to 12 middle schools, which they should list on their application in order of preference.
  • The deadline to submit middle school applications is Friday, December 6, 2019.

And that’s that! Students and families will receive middle school offers in March 2020.

To learn more about anything and everything middle school admissions-related, visit the DOE’s Middle School webpage, or email us directly at

We wish all of our middle school applicants a successful and smooth admissions process this year!

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Interested in any of the City’s charter schools for middle school? Each charter program has its own unique offerings and application processes. To learn more about any of the City’s charter schools with middle school programs, check out the DOE’s Charter School webpage.

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