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Getting into college requires a lot more than studying hard to earn a diploma. After all, you’ll also have to determine which after high school options are best for you, get recommendation letters, write college essays, learn more about your financial aid options…the list can be daunting!

To help students and families navigate this process, this week, a record 498 City high schools are celebrating College Application Week (October 21–25). Now, more NYC students than ever will have access to fun activities and opportunities that help get them set for life after high school, including “why college?” workshops, college application “marathons,” financial aid application sessions, college campus visits, and alumni panels that help provide current high school students with glimpses of life after college.

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College Application Week is part of the DOE’s College Access for All initiative, which provides every City middle and high school with the resources and assistance their students need to prepare for college and careers. Through College Access for All, every New York City public school student will enter their senior year understanding how to apply and pay for college, prepare for SATs, and know what exciting college and career pathways are available to them. Even if your school isn’t participating in College Application Week, you can still take advantage of these resources.

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Because it’s important to find the right college for you, College Application Week gives City students the tools to explore “best fit” college options based on likelihood of admission, affordability, and availability of support services. The weeklong celebration also helps City students think beyond college, too, by exploring other postsecondary pathways, including industry-wide credentialing programs and Adult Career and Continuing Education services.

“For students who may be the first in their family to go to college, setting foot on campus for a tour or getting help with a financial aid application can be a total game-changer,” says Chancellor Richard Carranza. “This year, more students than ever are receiving that kind of support through College Application Week. We want our students to succeed not only while they are in our schools, but also in the years after, and College Access for All plays a key role in making that a reality.”

Out of the record 498 City high schools celebrating College Application Week, 127 are located in the Bronx, 140 in Brooklyn, 128 in Manhattan, 89 in Queens, and 14 on Staten Island. To learn what your high school is planning for College Application Week, speak with your principal or parent coordinator, and check out our “Applying to College” webpage for key application tips and links to great resources.

Good luck on your college applications, seniors!

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A record 498 City high schools are participating in College Application Week 2019!

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