April 16 is the Last Day to Apply for NYC's G&T Programs

The lyric sound of laughter
Fills all the April hills,
The joy-song of the crocus,
The mirth of daffodils.

Clinton ScollardApril Music.

Ahh, yes, April.

The month best known for its poetryfoolscherry blossoms, and spring rains.

(That last one, though—these days, you just never know…)

With dreams of spring firmly on our minds, let’s check out what’s in store for New York’s public schools in April, courtesy of the DOE’s official Schools Calendar.

April 2018
Mon., April 2 – Fri., April 6 Spring Recess
All City public schools are closed. Schools reopen on Mon., April 9
Wed., April 11 – Thurs., April 12 NY State English Language Arts Exams
For City students in grades 3–8
Monday, April 16 Last Day to Apply for G&T Programs
For families whose children qualify for the City’s Gifted & Talented programs. Apply online or in-person at your local Family Welcome Center.
Tuesday, April 24 SAT School Day (moved from 3/21)
All NYC high school students in Grade 11 will take the SAT, free of charge. Exam will take place during the school day. All Grade 10 students will take the PSAT, free of charge.
Friday, April 27 Last Day to Accept Kindergarten Offers
For families who applied for the City’s kindergarten programs and received offers in March.

Some quick notes about this month’s schedule:

  • New York State English Language Arts Examinations

Students in grades 3–8 who attend schools in New York State will take the State’s English Language Arts exams on Wednesday, April 11 – Thursday, April 12. Families and students who have questions regarding these State ELA exams should speak with their teachers directly or visit our ELA webpage.

  • SAT School Day

On Tuesday, April 24, all City high schools will be providing their juniors and sophomores with SATs and PSATs, respectively, free of charge. To learn more, check out the The Morning Bell’s “Ready for SAT School Day” post for info and tips.

  • Kindergarten Admissions

Families who applied for fall 2018 admission to the City’s kindergarten programs and received placement offers in March have until Friday, April 27 to accept their offers. See the DOE’s Kindergarten Admissions webpage for more information.

  • Middle School Admissions:

Students and families who applied for fall 2018 admission to City middle schools by the DOE’s deadline on December 1, 2017 should receive responses to their applications throughout April. Check out the DOE’s Middle School Admissions webpage for more information.

  • Gifted & Talented (G&T) Admissions

Families whose students took the DOE’s G&T test in January and were deemed eligible for the City’s G&T programs have until Monday, April 16 to apply. For more information, check out the DOE’s G&T Admissions webpage

That’s all for this month. We hope you all have a great April!

Good Luck on This Month's State ELA Exams on April 11–12

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