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To learn more about these new schools, check out each school’s website.

Editor’s Note: Updated this post to amend the number of new schools we are opening this year; the DOE is opening 21 new schools, not 22 as previously written.

Every school year, the NYC Department of Education looks for ways to improve City schools and classrooms while expanding the number of high-quality school options available to families across the five boroughs.

And thanks to student, teacher, and parent feedback, we have a great understanding of what works, what can be improved, and what families want to see more of from their schools.

It is with this feedback in mind that we present the following list of NYC public schools that are opening for the 2018–19 academic year.

In all, 21 new schools will be opening their doors to City students this fall:


New Schools Opening in 2018–19









Staten Island

Charter schools are independent public schools with their own admissions policies, schedules, and regulations. For general information about NYC’s charter schools, please visit the DOE’s Learn About Charter Schools webpage.

Student Sitting at Charter School

In addition to these schools, the City is opening a new 250-seat Pre-K Center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (District 20) in 2018–19. This new three-story, state-of-the-art facility was built in response to the overwhelming demand we have received from City families for our early childhood education programs.

We are excited for each of these brand new school communities! On behalf of the DOE, we wish our newest schools tremendous success this school year!


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  • 14 of these schools are charter schools not DOE public schools. I find it shocking that there are only 8 DOE public schools opening and only 2 in Queens which is the most overcrowded borough, if this is a product of teacher, student and parent feedback, as you claim, I guess you think we want more charter schools and even worse overcrowding in our public schools.

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