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Voter registration forms will be available to every 18-year-old in our schools, or any student who will be 18 by Election Day (Tuesday, November 6)

With Election Day scheduled to take place on November 2018, it will soon be time for us to exercise our civic responsibility to vote.

As part of a citywide effort to help our students raise their voices and participate in our democracy, on Monday, May 21, all NYC high schools will hold events in support of the DOE’s annual Student Voter Registration Day (SVRD).

Throughout SVRD, City high schools will hold registration drives and administer civics lessons in support of their students’ right to vote. All NYC high school students who are currently 18-years-old, or students who will turn 18 by Election Day in November 2018 will be able to fill out voter registration forms and hand them to school staff members. Forms will be available in City high schools in five languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, and Korean—more languages are also available on the New York City Campaign Finance Board’s website.

To learn more about registering to vote in New York, including qualifications and deadlines, visit the NYC Votes website.

Hope to see some of our new voters at their local polling places on TuesdayNovember 6, 2018!

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