P.S. 1 in Chinatown is Among the DOE's Many Dual Language Programs

This student in Manhattan’s P.S. 1 is learning both English and Mandarin as part of the school’s Dual Language program.

Talk about “speaking your language.” 🙂

We are proud to announce that starting next fall, the DOE will add 48 new bilingual education programs across the City.

Of the 48 programs, 32 will be Dual Language (DL) programs and 16 will be Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) programs. These new programs will join the 33 DL pre-k programs we announced earlier this year.

“Every family in our City, including immigrant families and undocumented students, deserves a high-quality education, and language should never be a barrier to equal access,” said Chancellor Richard Carranza as he announced the DOE’s latest bilingual program expansion. “When I started Kindergarten, I only spoke Spanish and my parents trusted public schools to teach me English — I want to make sure every English language learner in New York City has the same experience I did growing up.”

Chancellor Carranza Learns a Bit of Mandarin While Visiting P.S. 1 in Manhattan

Chancellor Carranza (right) works on his Chinese calligraphy alongside a P.S. 1 student (left).

Over the last four years, the DOE has opened or expanded over 200 bilingual programs across the City.

Among the bilingual programs opening in fall 2018 will be the City’s first-ever Albanian Dual Language program at P.S. 105 in the Bronx. In addition, DOE will open new programs in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.

The 48 new programs are opening across 42 schools—25 programs in 21 elementary schools, seven programs in seven middle schools, and 16 programs in 14 high schools. Three programs are opening in Manhattan, 11 in the Bronx, 20 in Brooklyn, and 14 in Queens, and all 15 programs on Staten Island are expanding to new grade levels.

The City’s 48 new bilingual language programs will be available in the following schools in fall 2018:


  • The Riverside School for Makers & Artists—Chinese DL
  • The Young Diplomats Magnet School—Italian DL
  • High School for Media & Communications—Spanish DL


  • P.S. 5 Port Morris—Spanish DL
  • J.H.S. 125 Henry Hudson—Spanish TBE
  • Thomas C. Giordano Middle School 45—Spanish DL
  • J.H.S. 80 The Mosholu Parkway—Spanish DL
  • Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology—Spanish TBE
  • P.S. 105 Senator Abraham Bernstein School—Albanian DL and Spanish DL
  • High School of Language and Innovation—Spanish TBE
  • New World High School—Spanish TBE
  • P.S. 214—Spanish TBE
  • P.S. 595—Spanish DL

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith


  • J.H.S. 50 John D. Wells—Spanish DL
  • Juan Morel Campos Secondary School—Spanish TBE
  • Jose Diego School—Spanish DL
  • Green School: An Academy for Environmental Careers—Spanish DL
  • Sunset Park High School—Spanish DL
  • P.S. 896—Spanish and Chinese DL
  • P.S. 5 Dr. Ronald McNair—French DL
  • P.S. 7 Abraham Lincoln—Spanish DL
  • High School for Civil Rights and Law—Spanish TBE
  • P.S. 186 Dr. Irving A. Gladstone—Spanish TBE
  • New Utrecht High School—Arabic and Spanish TBE
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School—Chinese DL
  • Abraham Lincoln High School—Urdu TBE
  • James Madison High School—Spanish and Russian TBE
  • Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic Excellence—Spanish DL
  • P.S. 721 Brooklyn Occupational Training Center—Spanish and Chinese TBE


  • P.S. 7 Louis F. Simeone—Chinese and Bengali DL
  • P.S. 13 Clement C. Moore—Chinese DL
  • I.S. 77—Spanish DL
  • P.S. 71 Forest Elementary—Polish DL
  • Learners and Leaders—Spanish DL
  • P.S. 330—Spanish DL
  • P.S. 22 Thomas Jefferson—Spanish DL
  • I.S. 25 Adrien Block—Korean DL
  • P.S./I.S. 268—Spanish DL
  • P.S. 92 The Harry T. Stewart Sr School—Spanish DL
  • P.S. 148 Queens—Spanish DL
  • William Cullen Bryant High School—Bengali TBE
  • P.S. 384—Spanish DL

To learn more about the DOE’s bilingual language program expansion, check out our official press release.

Dual Language Programs Consist of English-Proficient Students and ELLs

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