Great things happen when all of our students get an equal shot at applying for college.

Following last April’s first-ever SAT School Day, the DOE has announced that a record-high 61,800 high school juniors took the SAT exam in 2017, a 51% increase from 2016.


We also saw the following record-high participation rates:

  • 74.7% of black juniors took the SAT, a 27.4 point increase over 2016;
  • 73.6% percent of Latino juniors took the SAT, a 28.1 point increase over 2016;
  • 83.0% of white juniors took the SAT, a 21.5 point increase over 2016; and
  • 89.4% of Asian juniors took the SAT, a 16.4 point increase over 2016.

In addition, the City’s SAT participation gap between black and Latino students and their white and Asian peers in 2017 decreased significantly from 2016.

“As the first in my family to go to college, I understand the message that initiatives like SAT School Day and College Awareness Day send to our students – we believe they have the potential to go to college, and we’re going to give them the support and resources to get there,” said Chancellor Carmen Fariña when announcing 2017’s SAT participation rates. “I am excited to see a record number of students taking the SAT as a result of the SAT School Day, and in particular, to see the SAT participation gap shrinking. We’ll continue to build on record-high graduation rates, college enrollment, and college readiness rates with our Equity and Excellence for All agenda.”

SAT participation for City seniors also increased significantly – a record-high 50,948 seniors in the Class of 2017 took the SAT at least once during their four years of high school. As with high school juniors, the SAT participation gap between black and Latino students and their white and Asian peers decreased significantly.

For more information about the City’s SAT participation and performance rates, please visit our Test Results webpage.

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