Since 2014, the Department of Education’s Renewal School Program has been hard at work transforming New York City’s lowest-performing schools into quality educational options that prepare students for college and careers and encourage collaboration between teachers, parents, and community partners.

August Martin High School in Queens serves as another great example of what the Renewal School Program can accomplish for City students.

Before joining the Renewal School Program in 2014, August Martin H.S. struggled mightily to provide its students with a great education. Then during the 2014–15 school year, the DOE identified the school as one of its first Renewal Schools, and appointed a new principal, Rory Parnell, to lead August Martin H.S. through the Renewal process.

What has happened at August Martin since then is nothing short of inspirational.

Since 2014, August Martin’s graduation, attendance, and college-readiness rates are all up, and a larger percentage of students, teachers, and parents are happy with the school’s new direction.

This is what Renewal looks like:

To learn more about August Martin H.S., check out the school’s website and the DOE’s NYC School Finder page.

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