image001From September 24–29, school systems across the country are celebrating Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week in honor of the personnel who help create and manage the various partnerships that form the foundation of Community Schools.

Here in New York, each of our 245 Community Schools has a Community School Director who works in partnership with the school’s principal, staff members, and local community members and organizations to support and engage students and their families both inside and outside the classroom. These directors play a pivotal role in the City’s Community Schools, as they help gather and analyze real-time data about students and their families, and collaborate with principals to coordinate school resources and community partnerships.

In celebration of New York’s hardworking and passionate Community School Directors, we asked several of them to share details about their work, experiences, and expertise with us. Here are a few of their stories:


Bruce Prescod is the Community School Director at P.S. 126 in Brooklyn

Bruce Prescod

Bruce Prescod
M.S. 126 John Ericsson
Brooklyn, NY

Bruce is the Community School Director at P.S. 126 John Ericsson in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Partnering with St. Nick’s Alliance, Bruce is a true leader in his building and touches many aspects of school life. Bruce leads school culture initiatives, such as anti-bullying, and he has overseen significant attendance improvements in recent years.


Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams (right)

Patricia Williams
P.S. 327 Dr. Rose B. English
Brooklyn, NY

Patricia is the Community School Director at P.S. 327 in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Working with The Leadership Program, Patricia is playing a pivotal role in improving school culture at P.S. 327. In addition to coordinating afterschool programming, Patricia has brought in additional resources and partners to the school to support students and families.

Before she became a director, Patricia was a very involved public school parent. Her daughter, now in her second year of college, once participated in an afterschool program led by The Leadership Program. After that, Patricia trained in Restorative Justice practices, and she succeeded in facilitating Restorative Justice programs in a Bronx school for two years before accepting her current position at P.S. 327.



Community-based organizations like Children’s Aid are key to creating the student-centered learning environments that are the hallmark of NYC’s Community Schools

Arnery Reyes
P.S. 8 Luis Belliard
New York, NY 

Arnery is the Community School Director from P.S. 8 in Washington Heights. She has served in this role for nearly 15 years. P.S. 8 is one of the original Children’s Aid Community Schools, established in the early 1990s. Through Arnery’s leadership and in collaboration with Children’s Aid, P.S. 8 has shown an increase in attendance and a decrease in chronic absences over time.

On behalf of the DOE, we thank our hardworking Community School Directors for all that they do on behalf of our students!

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