P.S. 1's First-Ever 3-K Class is Now Moving Up to Pre-K

These young scholars have come a long way since their first day of school in September 2017!

3K logoThis past September, the DOE’s game-changing 3-K for All initiative debuted in New York City, and since then, City families in select districts have been able to provide their three-year-olds with free, full-day, high-quality early childhood education.

To see how some of our City’s youngest students were adapting to their first-ever school year, we stopped by P.S. 1 in the Bronx and tracked Ms. Janice Burch’s 3-K class throughout the year. If you missed our prior coverage of Ms. Burch’s class, treat yourself to a dose of SHEER CUTENESS by checking out our post from earlier this year.

Go on; we’ll wait.




Okay, now with that we got that out of the way, we are absolutely proud to follow up our prior coverage with great news; our tiny 3-K scholars from P.S. 1 have moved on up to pre-k!

And what’s more? We’ve got footage!


On behalf of the DOE, we congratulate Ms. Burch’s 3-K scholars on completing their first-ever school year!

To learn more about the DOE’s 3-K programs, check out our 3-K for All website, and keep it locked right here on The Morning Bell for even more cuteness information all year long.

3-K Students Wave Goodbye to Their First-Ever School Year

Have a great summer!

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