Reserve Your Child's Pre-K for All Seat By June 8

Make sure you accept your pre-k offer by June 8, or else your child’s seat could be given to another family!

Did your family receive a seat offer for free, full-day, high quality pre-kindergarten classes that begin next school year?

Then we’ve got great news; the DOE has extended the deadline to accept your pre-k offer.

Families now have until Friday, June 8 to reserve their children’s pre-k seats.

Seats that are not reserved by the June 8 deadline may be released to other students who have been waitlisted.

If you are interested in other programs where your child has been waitlisted, we strongly recommend that you pre-register by June 8 to reserve your child’s place this fall—accepting an offer will not affect your child’s chances of getting accepted off of another school’s waitlist.

So if you have yet to pre-register for your child’s seat next year, make sure you reserve your child’s spot TODAY. 

For more information, visit our pre-k website, call (718) 935-2067, or stop by one of our Family Welcome Centers for assistance.

Make Sure You Help Your Child Get a Head Start on Their Education by June 8!

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  1. […] NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect the DOE’s deadline extension for pre-k offers. Families now have until Friday, June 8 to accept their pre-k […]



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