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Alumni Day will provide former NYC students with the opportunity to speak with today’s high school seniors about life after high school.

What would you do if you have the capability to go back in time and talk to your younger self?

What advice would you give? What would you do differently?

Thanks to p.s. alumni, NYC public schools alumni will get the chance to do the next best thing—help today’s high school seniors prepare for tomorrow’s challenges—without all that messy temporal paradox stuff.

On Friday, June 1, approximately 40 high schools across the five boroughs will welcome their former students for a day of service as part of the DOE’s first-ever Alumni Day.

Throughout the event, public schools alumni will meet with current high school seniors and offer guidance and support through panel discussions, class presentations, and advisory sessions. Topics will include:

  • The first semester of college;
  • Differences between college and high school;
  • Internships, jobs, and career development, and
  • Personal and professional branding.

Awesome, right?

Alumni Can Offer Today's Students with Valuable Insight into Coursework and Career Development

p.s. alumni offers NYC alumni the opportunity to engage today’s students about college, internships, and career development. Sign up today!

The DOE’s first-ever Alumni Day is being organized by p.s. alumni, the City’s public school alumni network. To become an active City alum and help current public school students, consider joining p.s. alumni; it’s free, and you’ll be helping better prepare the next generation of New Yorkers for life after high school.

We look forward to seeing how our schools celebrate Alumni Day on June 1!

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