Chess Murrow

With the postseason well underway for two of the country’s “Big 4” professional sports leagues, it seems as if many of us these days are once again taking sides in the never-ending “GOAT” debate:

Who is the “Greatest of All Time?

Is it Michael Jordan? LeBron James? Kobe Bryant?

We’ll leave it to others to make their cases on behalf of their favorites; here in New York, we’ve got GOATs of our own:

The Edward R. Murrow High School Chess Team.

These Four Students Are Among the 25 Players Murrow Will Depend on to Win Its Ninth National Championship

Marcus Sutton (left), Sakura Bellamy (left, center), Taylor Ngo (right, center), and Anano Kapanadze (right) are four of the 25 students who make up Murrow’s chess team this year.

Don’t believe us? Consider this winning resume:

21 City titles, 18 State titles, and 8 national championships.

As a matter of fact, no other high school chess team in the country even comes close to approaching Murrow’s level of dominance.

And on April 27–30, Murrow’s chess team, led by their longtime coach, Eliot Weiss, will head to the 2018 National High School Chess Championship in Columbus, Ohio, to compete for their ninth national title.

Will this Murrow team put their opponents “in check?”

On behalf of the DOE, we congratulate Murrow for their outstanding success this year, and we wish them tremendous luck throughout this year’s National High School Chess Championship!

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