Hey, NYC public school parents, teachers, and students in grades 6–12:

There’s still time for you to tell us what you think about City schools!

ezgif-4-847a53dc5bIf you still have not already completed your 2018 NYC School Survey, we are happy to announce that you may still submit your surveys online until Friday, April 20, 2018.

Don’t miss your opportunity to voice your thoughts about NYC’s public schools. Through this confidential survey, you can provide us with valuable feedback and input about how well your school (or your child’s school) is addressing needs in areas like instruction, safety, and family engagement. Last year, over one million people participated in the NYC School Survey.

City parents/guardians can fill out the online survey after using the unique access codes found on the bottom right-hand corners of our paper-based surveys. If you cannot find your paper-based survey, please use the code lookup tool on our NYC School Survey webpage or call our survey hotline at (877) 819-2363.

Students in grades 6–12 and school staff members can also complete their surveys online.

To learn more about this year’s NYC School Survey, visit our webpage.

Remember: the 2018 School Survey will be open until FridayApril 20, 2018, so make your voice heard, and complete your survey TODAY.

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  1. We need transparency, this anonymous surveys play little part in what REALLY happens inside our schools, i am an NYCDOE teacher!