Almost Time for NYC's Parent Teacher Conferences!Parents: it’s time to talk.

Throughout March, NYC public schools across the five boroughs are hosting this school year’s second citywide round of Parent Teacher Conferences.

Held four times a year, parent teacher conferences provide parents/guardians with great opportunities to talk with teachers about what their children are experiencing and learning in school. These conferences also give parents and teachers the chance to discuss how to support student learning outside of the classroom.

As a reminder, this month’s conferences are scheduled for the following dates:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

  • Thursday, March 8
  • Friday, March 9*

District 75 Programs:

  • Monday, March 12
  • Tuesday, March 13*

Elementary Schools:

  • Wednesday, March 14
  • Thursday, March 15*
* = Conferences on these days will take place in the early afternoon; half-day for students in participating schools.
Great Conferences Can Lead to Much Better Outcomes in the Classroom and Beyond

Great conferences between teachers, parents and students can lead to improved student outcomes both inside and outside the classroom.

Note that these are citywide dates; schools may have their own unique parent teacher conference schedules, so parents should check in with their schools’ parent coordinators to confirm this spring’s conference dates.

To make the most out of this month’s conferences, parents should take a few moments to review and consider the following tips before meeting with teachers:

  • Review your children’s academic progress this year, including test scores and attendance, via the NYC Schools Account;
  • Consider bringing your child(ren) with you to join the conversation;
  • Identify what you see as your child(ren)’s strengths and areas for growth;
  • Confirm the best way for teachers or other school personnel to communicate with you. Phone? Email? Notes in backpacks?
  • Be ready to provide important information that might help your child(ren)’s teachers better understand your child(ren)’s development this year, including strengths, challenges, interests, and approaches to learning.
Parent Coordinators Provide Parent with Key Support Throughout the School Year

Parents should contact their schools’ parent coordinators to learn more about this spring’s parent teacher conferences, PTA meetings, and other parent-focused events.

We also suggest that parents consider asking the following questions during this month’s conferences, as these questions can help both teachers and parents gain a better understanding of students’ progress:

  • How has my child adjusted to this grade level?
  • What does my child do well, and what does he or she struggle with? Can you give me examples?
  • How do you know when my child is making progress and when he/she needs additional help?
  • What are you doing to support and motivate him/her?
  • How do you challenge my child when he/she is doing well at something?
  • How do you support my child when he/she needs extra help?
  • What does my child get excited about learning?
  • What can I do at home to support him/her?
  • Does my child seem engaged or happy at school?
  • Has he/she made friends?
  • How does my child get along with classmates and adults?
  • Does my child participate in class discussions and group activities?
  • Are there times when my child is more or less engaged?

We hope these tips and suggested questions will help jumpstart some great conversations during this month’s conferences. If anyone has additional questions or requires assistance during their conference date (i.e. translation/interpretation services, accessibility concerns, etc), they should contact their school’s parent coordinator.

Happy conferencing!

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  1. […] as planned, but field trips that use yellow bus service will be cancelled. In addition, all Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences will be cancelled and rescheduled to Thursday, March 22, […]



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