Month: March 2018

Pre-K Admissions Ending SOON

Interested in placing your child into pre-kindergarten in fall 2018? Then make sure you submit your application for NYC’s free, full day pre-k by March 30!

Ready for SAT School Day?

On March 21, all NYC public high schools will be providing the SAT to their juniors, free of charge.


The DOE’s School Wellness Campaign Contest now has a new deadline! Take a stand for wellness and submit your entries by Monday, March 26!

¿Qué significa para ti la “diversidad”?

Confirma tu asistencia a una de nuestras restantes Asambleas Públicas del Grupo Asesor de Diversidad en las Escuelas, entre hoy y el 21 de junio. Al participar en esta importante conversación, ayudarás a que nuestras escuelas sean más inclusivas para todos los estudiantes.

How Would You Define “Diversity?”

RSVP for one of our four remaining School Diversity Advisory Group Town Hall meetings between now and June 21, and help make NYC schools more inclusive for all students by adding your voice to the discussion!

Ready for Round 2?

Participated in NYC’s 2018 High School Admissions process? Get your Round 1 Results Letter today, and accept your offer or submit a Round 2 application by 3/26!

Taking a Turn for the Nurse

In celebration of Career Exploration Month, we visited the World Academy for Total Community Health H.S. (WATCH) to check out the school’s Certified Nursing Assistant Program.

Discovering Herstory

March is Women’s History Month. Join NYC’s public schools and celebrate “herstory” all year long with our list of books and websites for students of all ages!