It’s Groundhog Day, and the results are in!

New York’s top animal meteorologist, Staten Island Chuck, has predicted that we’re going to have an EARLY SPRING!!!!!

Even Caddyshack's Gopher is Happy About Staten Island Chuck's Predictions!

While this cute little guy may not be a groundhog (he’s a gopher), we heard he’s a big fan of Staten Island Chuck!

Forget what that other groundhog said; Chuck’s predictions are far more accurate!



Okay, okay, so, yes, we shamelessly used photos and GIFs of cute furry rodents (oh look, another one) to get you to check out this post—but rest assured, it’s for a good cause!

We just want to remind everyone to check out February’s Schools Calendar to see when this month’s major events and holidays are set to take place, including:

  • 3-K & Pre-K Admissions;
  • Lunar New Year; and
  • Midwinter Recess

See? We just want you to stay INFORMED. 😊

Okay, okay, just one more groundhog:

Grab a Snack While You Check Out NYC's Schools Calendar for February 2018

If you say, “nom nom nom nom” in your head, this GIF becomes 100% cuter, instantly.

Enjoy your early spring, everyone!

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