Did you know that the main round of New York City’s Middle School Admissions process is now open?

Between now and FridayDecember 1, families can apply for admission to the City’s middle schools (grades 6–8) on behalf of their children for the 2018–19 school year.

Who can apply to the City’s middle schools?

Students who are currently in fifth grade and are registered to City schools should have already received personalized Middle School Applications from their school counselors in early November. Each family can select up to 12 of the programs (in order of preference) that are already listed on these personalized applications. If your family has yet to receive one of these applications, please speak with your child’s school counselor, visit your local Family Welcome Center, or call (718) 935-2398 immediately.

To learn more about your family’s middle school program options, use our online School Search tool to identify your school district and zoned schools (if any), and then check out the NYC Middle School Directory for details about each of our middle schools.

In addition, many of our middle schools are holding open houses all month long; check out our website to see which middle schools are offering open houses to prospective families.

Finally, are you interested in applying to any of the City’s charter schools for middle school? Each charter program has its own unique offerings and application process. To learn more about any of the City’s 231 charter schools with middle school programs, check out the DOE’s Charter School Directory.

Questions? Check out our official Middle School Admissions webpage or contact us at

Remember: the City’s Middle School Admissions process ends on December 1, 2017, so mark your calendars, identify your school options, and submit your applications to school counselors TODAY!


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