What happens when members of New York’s Finest “team up” with City public schools on a Tuesday for a day of play, meaningful conversations, and relationship-building between students and law enforcement?

We get Team Up! Tuesday!

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For the third time ever, on Tuesday, April 25, officers from NYPD precincts across the five boroughs visited City public schools for a day of games and inspirational discussion. During Team Up! Tuesday, NYPD precincts work directly with schools in their communities to coordinate and participate in activities that create opportunities for students and officers alike. Through Team Up! Tuesdays, students learn more about the community resources that are available to them, and officers get a chance to understand the needs of teenagers in the communities they serve.

During this event, over 150 high schools across the City worked with officers from 70 precincts. While this is the third Team Up! Tuesday event that’s been held since spring 2016, this is the first time City high schools were involved. Previously, over 300 elementary schools participated in the first event last spring, and 300 middle schools hosted events in fall 2016.

“Our goal is for officers and students to continue interacting and strengthening these relationships throughout the school year,” said Chancellor Carmen Fariña during a Team Up! Tuesday event at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers in Manhattan. “I’m grateful for the NYPD’s partnership in helping schools build community relationships by hosting officers and facilitating thoughtful dialogue.”

To see more photos and videos from our most recent Team Up! Tuesday, check out the #TeamUpTuesday tag on Facebook and Twitter.


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