img_9661_koreanIf you are a parent with a child currently enrolled in a New York City public school, consider making a long-lasting impact on your child’s education by running for a seat on a Community Education Council (CEC) or Citywide Council.

Starting February 9, 325 seats across 32 CECs and 4 Citywide Councils will be up for grabs as the 2017 Community and Citywide Education Council election cycle begins. CEC and Citywide Council elections, which take place every two years, offer City parents the opportunity to have direct input on instructional and policy issues and decisions that can affect their children in numerous ways. Parents who are elected during this year’s electoral process will start their two-year term of service beginning July 1, 2017.

img_9618_haitian-creoleEach of the 32 CECs represents current K-8 public school (non-charter) students from one of the 32 geographic school districts that make up the City public school system. Each CEC is responsible for approving their district’s school zoning lines, holding hearings regarding school budgets, and providing input on instructional and policy issues.

Likewise, Citywide Education Councils are advisory bodies that represent the interests of high school students, English language learners, and students with disabilities. There are four Citywide Education Councils to which parents can be elected:

By applying to serve and represent your district, YOU can become the agent of change that our schools need.

To learn more about the election process, including important deadlines, candidate requirements, and responsibilities, please visit or text “RUN2017” to 877-877 for an Elections Guide and more information.

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