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Earlier this year, weeks before the City’s high school juniors stepped into the world of SATs, we met with a few high school seniors from Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Secondary School for Arts & Technology in Queens and spoke with them about their post-high school plans.

Each student we met with had previously determined that they were going to attend college, and all of the seniors had already submitted applications to several colleges/universities earlier this year.


Starting from left to right, meet Patrick, Ruben, Risky, Daniella, and Cassidy



First, meet Patrick. (Hello!)

When we met with Patrick, he was pretty happy to be done with all of his college applications, as he was free to concentrate on his remaining senior year classes and responsibilities. Patrick is interested in majoring in computer science, and he hopes to hear positive news from Hunter College, among others, this spring.

UPDATE: We have learned that Patrick has been accepted to Hunter, University of Virginia, SUNY University at Buffalo, and the New York Institute of Technology, among others. Congrats!




Next, meet Ruben. (Hellooooooo!)

Things were looking great for this senior when we first met with him. Since submitting his college application and financial aid paperwork back in the fall, Ruben has been free to enjoy his remaining senior year classes before graduation day in June. Ruben told us that he is not currently sure about what he would like to study in college (which is actually okay), but he is still excited for college life next year. Among the schools Ruben applied, to this year, he hopes Columbia will be among the colleges that provide him with an admissions offer this spring!

UPDATE: Since our chat with Ruben earlier this year, we have since learned that he’s been accepted to Connecticut College, Clark University, and SUNY Binghamton, among other schools. Congratulations!




Now, meet Risky (Hi!!)

When we initially spoke with him, he told us that he was enjoying his senior year and waiting to hear back from the colleges he had applied to earlier in the school year. Risky wants to major in mechanical engineering once he gets to college, and he is hoping to get accepted into George Washington University, among other schools.

UPDATE: We just learned that Risky has been accepted at George Washington, SUNY Oswego, and SUNY University at Buffalo; congratulations!





Next, say ‘hello’ to Daniella. (Hellooo!)

From the moment we met Daniella, it was clear that this self-described “theater-geek” was seeking to make a career out of her love for the performing arts. As a theatrical “jack of all trades,” Daniella has helped create, direct, and act in a number of student productions throughout her high school career. She would like to hone her skills even further by majoring in Theater in college. Daniella hopes to get accepted into New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, among other schools.

UPDATE: Since our chat, we have learned that Daniella has since been accepted into NYU, SUNY Purchase, and SUNY Binghamton, among others. Congrats!




Finally, say hello to Kassadi (Why, hello there)

Unlike the other students we spoke with, Kassadi is currently a junior at Wagner. While she is still months away from having to submit her college applications in fall 2017, Kassadi is working with her advisers at Wagner to get her college plans in motion. Thanks to Wagner staff members, Kassadi has already been able to tour a number of college campuses with several of her classmates. At the time we met with her, she was prepping for SAT School Day. Currently, Kassadi is interested in pursuing a major within the sciences, and she is considering applying to NYU, Cornell University, and Barnard College, among other schools, next fall.

. . .


Wagner’s Director of College Counseling, Mr. Giovanni Gallaread

After speaking each student, it was clear that they were set up for success thanks in part to the ongoing collaboration between Wagner staff members and the school’s Director of College Counseling, Giovanni Gallaread.

Mr. Gallaread works at Wagner on behalf of the Young Women’s Leadership Network’s CollegeBound Initiative (CBI), which places full-time college guidance experts in high-need public schools across the City that serve students in grades 6–12. CBI counselors help promote college attendance while providing students with key advice and support regarding college, financial aid, and admissions.

Thanks to CBI, more Wagner students than ever before are applying to and are being accepted into college. We applaud CBI’s work in our schools, and are grateful to Mr. Gallaread and his Wagner colleagues for helping students, including Risky, Ruben, Patrick, Daniella, and Cassidy, reach their post-high school goals.

Thank you, Patrick, Ruben, Risky, Daniella, and Kassadi for chatting with us about your college application experiences, and we wish you tremendous success in your future endeavors!

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