3K logoWith New York’s ambitious 3-K for All initiative now underway following its debut in Districts 7 and 23 earlier this year, parents and teachers alike are providing us with great feedback about the program. As parents and educators are starting to see for themselves, 3-K for All classrooms are chock-full of the discovery, learning, and joy that provides children with key experiences that better prepare them for elementary school and beyond.

But what about our brave three-year olds who are in the program; how are our young 3-K for All students adapting to their first-ever school year?

To answer this question, we will be checking in with Ms. Janice Birch and her 3-K students from P.S. 1 in the Bronx throughout the 2017–18 school year. To see how Ms. Birch’s new students are doing so far, check out the following videos, and come back later this school year for even more updates about this class.

SPOILER ALERT: These videos are full of cuteness!

September 2017:


December 2017:


We thank Ms. Birch and her adorable students for allowing us to see their work this year!

To learn more about 3-K for All, visit nyc.gov/3K or call 311 for more information.

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