spongbob-kidWith over 1,800 schools across the five boroughs, choosing the right City public school for yourself or your loved ones can at first seem to be… well… a bit much.

Thankfully, with our School Quality Reports, families can get a clear and concise picture of the condition and quality of each of our schools.

And now that data from the 2016–17 school year is available online, City families have access to the most recent information available about our schools.

So whether you are looking for seats in kindergarten, middle school, or high school, there are three types of Quality Reports available for each City school:

  • School_Quality_Snapshot_2015_ELEM_M999_new_Page_1

    An example of a School Quality Snapshot

    School Quality Snapshot:
    A short, image-based summary of a school’s condition, demographics, course offerings, and overall student performance;

  • School Quality Guide:
    Contain much more information about City schools than Snapshots. Each school’s Guide includes in-depth demographic details about its students and leadership while also including results from the 2017 NYC School Survey; and
  • School Performance Dashboard
    This report includes multiple years of School Quality Guide data, which enables users to see how a school’s performance, demographics, and overall quality have changed over time via graphs and tables.

Pretty handy, right?

To view this year’s School Quality Reports, check out our webpage or click the “School Quality Reports” link available on each of our school’s official websites (via the DOE’s School Search tool).


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