What will be your child’s first kindergarten assignment?

It may say “November” on the calendar, but it is certainly not too early to start thinking about kindergarten next year if you have a child who was born in 2013!

Beginning Tuesday, November 28, New York City residents with children born in 2013 can apply for fall 2018 admission to the City’s elementary schools.

Now before you start wondering where all the time went, let’s get the basics out of the way first.

Who can apply to kindergarten:


Perhaps placing your child into a City kindergarten program will help lead them here… at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan! 🙂

And with hundreds of great elementary schools located throughout the five boroughs, City families have access to some outstanding program options. To learn more about the public elementary schools available in your school district, use our online School Search tool to identify your district, and then check out one of our Borough Directories to learn more about programs near you.

In addition, many of our elementary schools are holding open houses all month long; check out our website to see if elementary schools in your district are offering open houses to prospective families.

Once the application process opens on November 28, families will be able to submit a Kindergarten Application online, by phone at (718) 935-2009, or in person at a nearby Family Welcome Center until January 12, 2018. Each single application allows families to list up to 12 elementary school programs (in order of preference) that they would like their children to attend next fall.

Questions? Check out our official Kindergarten Admissions webpage or contact us at ESEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov.

Remember: the kindergarten admissions process runs from November 28, 2017–January 12, 2018, so mark your calendars, and review your options TODAY!

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