Wonderful things are happening at Conselyea Preparatory School (M.S. 577) in Brooklyn’s District 14.

Co-located in the same building with P.S. 17, at first glance, you could be forgiven for asking what the big deal is.

Zig Zigler Quote

“So does this mean the elevator is broken or what?”

After all, before you can even walk into M.S. 577, you are hit with the news that you have to climb four flights of stairs thanks to a strategically-placed Zig Ziglar poster:

“There is no elevator to success… you have to take the stairs.”


And like many City schools, space constraints affect almost every aspect of life at M.S. 577; hallways are packed with students and staff members alike during scheduled class changes. Classrooms average about 30 students each, and the school shares its lunchroom with P.S. 17’s students. Space concerns have also affected “gym class,” which is anything but “gym”, as M.S. 577 lacks a gymnasium.

Even the school’s tech could use a few upgrades. The school’s computer labs, often a source of pride for many high-achieving schools, are filled with non-upgradeable Macs that were manufactured almost a decade ago, back when MySpace, Flash animations, and flip phones were still considered a “thing.”

And yet, things are still going right at M.S. 577. Test score results are up, school survey ratings are high, staff turnover is low, and students across the City are clamoring to get into the school. Last year, 600 students applied for only 150 sixth grade seats.

And the students who are currently enrolled at M.S. 577? The vast majority of them come to school every single day, which provides M.S. 577 with attendance rates that are strong relative to other City middle schools.

So what gives? What is the reason for M.S. 577’s success? M.S. 577’s Principal Maria Masullo chalks it all up to her school’s ongoing emphasis on team-oriented collaboration and innovation.

Can you say, “movie time?”

To learn more about Principal Maria Masullo and her team at M.S. 577, check out the DOE’s official profile of the school on our website.

We congratulate the M.S. 577 community for their success to this point, and we wish them continued growth in the months and years to come!

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