IMG_7488With the 2017–18 school year already underway, it will soon be time for New York City public schools to kick off their admissions processes for the 2018–19 school year.

New York’s Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs are no exception, as families will soon be able to attend elementary admissions events in their school districts, pop into G&T open houses, and request G&T testing dates on their children’s behalf.

G&T programs, which are among the ways the DOE supports exceptional students’ educational needs, serve students in grades K–3 who score high enough on the City’s G&T test in January to apply for either District or Citywide G&T programs in March/April.

Interested in applying for G&T programs?

  • Kick off the G&T admissions process by checking out the 2018 G&T Handbook; this booklet explains G&T scoring and eligibility, contains a copy of the DOE’s official Request for Testing (RFT) form, and provides details regarding each of the City’s G&T programs. The handbook also features practice questions that can be used to prepare for the G&T test.
  • Sign up for the DOE’s G&T Admissions Email list to stay informed about the G&T admissions and enrollment processes.
  • Plan on attending an Elementary Admissions event in your district in October, as you’ll be able to learn more about the G&T programs and elementary schools available in your district.
  • Have a student entering kindergarten during the 2018–19 school year? Check out the DOE’s Kindergarten Admissions page for more info about school options and event dates.
  • Submit the DOE’s official RFT form early October – November 13, online or in person (child’s current public school or at a Family Welcome Center). Testing will take place in January; families who have submitted an RFT form by the November 13 deadline should receive a testing confirmation letter by mid-December.

Pre-K Kids 095

Only students who meet the following criteria can take the G&T test later this year:

  • Currently in pre-k – grade 2 (could be a Pre-K/NYC Early Education Center, or a City-based district, charter, private, or parochial school); and
  • Reside in New York City

In addition, we encourage students with disabilities to consider applying for G&T programs, as all G&T programs are expected to welcome and support all students in accordance with their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). We also encourage English language learners (ELLs) and students in temporary housing to participate in the G&T admissions process.

Families who have any questions should visit the DOE’s G&T webpage or contact the DOE’s Office of Assessment at (212) 374-6646 or

Remember: submit your RFT form online or in person no later than November 13!

Good luck, everyone!

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