NYC Junior Ambassador ImageAre you a seventh grade teacher in an New York City public school? If not, do you know a seventh grade class in an NYC public school whose students would like to do their part to help the United Nations (UN) solve some of the most pressing challenges in the world?

It is time to start identifying the City’s 2017–18 cohort of NYC Junior Ambassadors!

NYC Junior Ambassadors is an initiative that empowers the City’s seventh graders to learn more about the UN’s ongoing mission to maintain international peace and security. From now until October 2, seventh grade teachers from any subject area can apply for the NYC Junior Ambassadors program on behalf of their students.

un-junior-ambassadorsClasses that are selected receive:

  • A curated tour of the UN’s headquarters in Manhattan matched to each class’ curricular interests;
  • A classroom visit from a senior UN diplomat from a UN member country;
  • Teaching tools that can be used to incorporate the UN’s mission into class lessons;
  • A special year-end celebration with the entire 2017–18 cohort of NYC Junior Ambassadors; and
  • Completion certificates acknowledging participation in the program.

To learn more, visit the City’s NYC Junior Ambassadors website.

NYC Junior Ambassador Image


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